10 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Chikungunya Fever

10 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Chikungunya Fever

byDr Vikram Chauhan

Chikungunya is a viral disease which is brought on by the bite of inflamed Aedes mosquitoes. Due to the little knowledge about the disease, it has brought on countless panic among of us. It is seldom lifestyles threatening. The most painful aspect of chikungunya is the period of pain and swelling in the joints. This is due to the response of 1's own immune system to the portions the joints. This is is named an auto-immune response. This is most usually experienced by older of us because if they have a pre-existing arthritic tendency, they bear badly. This sickness has turn into prevalent nowadays and affecting lives of hundreds and thousands.

Ayurvedic view of chikungunya fever

In Ayurveda, it is is named sandhi jwara that literally ability 'fever of the joints'.Chikungunya fever is taken into consideration as vata dosha disorder. In chikungunya, Ayurveda believes in enhancing the immunity of an individual. Thus, Immunomodulator medications are prescribed that help to modulate the immune response of the body against antigens which inadvertently impact the joints. Ayurvedic treatment helps to reverse the inflammatory system as well as prevents the tissue injury. Medicines to strengthen immunity, medicines to reduce fever and treatment to bring down muscle pain, nausea, fatigue, rash and headache are given in Ayurveda at the side of rejuvenation medicines.

Allopathic treatment recommendations are handiest symptomatic for mitigating the pain and fever at the side of anti-inflammatory drugs, in such cases convalescence purpose prolonged joint pain which will also require analgesics at the side of long term anti-inflammatory remedy.

There is a gentle distinction between the signs of dengue and chikungunya. The most distinguishing function of dengue is bleeding. Both are brought on by viruses however they are different viruses. Chikungunya is brought on by an Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus while dengue is brought on by Flavirideae flavivirus. Joint pain resulting from chikungunya can also last for years.

Diagnosis- Chikungunya fever is diagnosed on the root of serological exams like ELISA (Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assays) for detection of antibodies like IgG and IgM and RT- PCR (Reverse Transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction). These exams are used to detect the presence of virus in the blood.

A study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri has discovered that signs and blood test results of patients with chikungunya is identical to that of rheumatoid arthritis patients.

What are the signs of chikungunya?

Severe joint pain
Muscular pain

How chikungunya spreads?

Several sorts of viral infections are spread via droplets discharged into the atmosphere by the sneezing of the inflamed patients.
It is imperative to note that occasionally, post chikungunya affects a huge sort of joints leaving a person debilitated for a long term so compatible treatment is crucial.

Some key points about chikungunya-

It is a viral disease.
Mosquito management is the handiest efficient prevention procedure.
Usually non- fatal
Currently, there are no vaccines accessible.
Transmission is handiest via mosquito bite now not from human to human.

Prevention of chikungunya fever:

Currently, there is not any vaccine accessible for Chikungunya so prevention is one of the most compatible choice. The most compatible prevention is now not to get a bite from a mosquito. Precautions deserve to be taken to reduce the chance of mosquito bites.

Use mosquito nets in the procedure sleep
Keeping a tulsi plant (Ocimum sanctum) prevents the mosquito to reproduce around your domestic because it flies with the fragrance of tulsi leaves.
Use of cream or spray that would possibly be applied on the surface. Local device of coconut oil on arms, knees, legs is usually prompt to prevent the mosquito from biting on open areas.
Drain all the water collected across the residence.
Ensure that drainages are either closed or chemicals are sprayed which kill mosquito larvae.

Home remedies for chikungunya fever

Turmeric(curcumin longa)- Turmeric is herbal anti-inflammatory due to the presence of alkaloid curcumin. It has strong anti-oxidant properties thus very intelligent in treating chikungunya.
Ginger- It entails evidently occurring analgesics, which mimic Non- Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs(NSAIDs). Ginger is anti-inflammatory thus offers relief in chikungunya.
Vitamin c- Vitamin C has antioxidant properties. It helps to flush out air pollution from the body. Sources of Vitamin C are- Amla(Indian gooseberry), oranges, lemon and so on.
Leafy green vegetables- They are intelligent as they are a rich supply of iron and vitamin E among other nutrients. One would want to comprise leafy green vegetables in a diet to fight chikungunya.
Massage with sesame oil is extremely helpful to reduce the signs of pain in the body due to chikungunya.
Giloy(tinospora cordifolia) is an immunomodulator. Thus, Giloy and Ginger boiled in water to make a decoction. It would possibly be taken for 1 week thrice a day.
A decoction of neem, tulsi, giloy, Ginger deserve to be taken thrice a day.
Ashwagandha powder(withania somnifera) to be taken everyday with milk.
Local device of garlic paste or clove oil on the painful joints for providing relief from pain.
Chewing tulsi leaves (Ocimum sanctum) helps in providing relief from chikungunya.

Other data:

Adequate rest is crucial.
Take fine powder of Haritiki (Terminalia chebula),This is to be consumed at the side of scorching water.
Drink fluids to prevent dehydration.
Don't take aspirin and other Non- Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) until dengue would possibly be ruled out to reduce the chance of bleeding.
A mixture created from honey and lime is usually priceless.
Since there is not any cure for chikungunya in modern medicine, medicines are prescribed for symptomatic relief, these domestic remedies will show very priceless as these are prompt to build up immunity and to reduce pain and infection.

Various Ayurvedic combinations like- Sanjivani Vati+ Amritarishta(4-6 weeks), to reduce infection( Yograj guggul, Vatari guggul), to restore possible after the fever is relieved( Ashwgandharishta, Balarishta 2 times a day), Shilajit drugs and so on.

Oil for the device would possibly be used after the fever is relieved to strengthen joint strength and relieve pain. For young people below 7 years of age and stricken by chikungunya will have to strictly comply with the advice of a wellbeing and fitness practitioner. In toddlers, 5 ml Amritarishta + 5 ml water would possibly be administered after meals at the side of medicines prescribed by a wellbeing and fitness practitioner to bring fever under management. In case, if a youngster suffers from joint pain after the fever is relieved, then within reach device with oil would possibly be done to relieve pain.