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Facts About Hearing Loss When it comes to hearing loss, it can be divided to three types which is the conductive, sensorineural, and the mix of those two. First, the conductive hearing loss is all about the sound not being able to travel to the middle ear of a person which is why they might hear the sound, but not the correct one. As for the sensorineural hearing loss, it occurs when the cranial nerve, inner ear or the central processing centers in one’s brain has been damaged or has deteriorated already. The hearing loss that’s got both conductive and sensorineural problems is called the mixed. The sensorineural type of hearing loss is basically something that can occur at a young age. This type of hearing loss can be caused by the genes or some factor that occurred during or after one’s birth. If it has occurred during or after birth, then certain things like head trauma or jaundice could have caused the hearing loss in the first place. Also, underdeveloped brain functions of a premature infant has a high chance of them not being able to hear or have severe hearing loss. For older people, it’s most likely the conductive hearing impairment. For this kind of hearing loss, foreign objects such as marble or beads can certainly prevent one from being able to hear properly as long as such objects are inside their ear. Also, if the ear is repeatedly infected with germs or bacteria, then it will lost its functionality over time. Medical treatment is necessary if you want to make sure that the conductive hearing loss that you’re experiencing won’t become permanent.
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Still, the sensorineural hearing loss occurs for older people too especially since getting old means your body parts and brain function will deteriorate eventually. Developing hearing loss over time is also something that can be influenced by outside or external factors. For instance, it is likely that you will be able to experience hearing loss when you are exposed to loud sounds every time. This is because your inner ear relies on nerve endings to be able to perceive sound vibrations which means too much of that can kill those nerve endings which causes the hearing loss that you’ll experience. Loud sounds can kill a lot of nerve endings even if you’ve still got hundreds of it.
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Hearing loss can also be caused by high frequency sounds. However, if you have a sensorineural hearing loss, it will still progress even without the external influence. Also, since it’s something that includes the brain, this kind of hearing impairment is already permanent and can’t be reversed.