3 Common Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are often caused by allergens in the air. Once these objects enter the body, it reacts and produces antibodies to fight them off. The symptoms are caused by the body’s reaction to the allergens. For the most part, allergies aren’t dangerous, but they can make it very difficult to get through the day when they’re acting up.

1) Itchy Eyes

When you have itchy eyes, it is usually the result of a condition called allergic conjunctivitis. The severity depends greatly on the time of year and the area of the country that you are in. For example, allergic conjunctivitis in St. Louis might be more severe than it would be in a different climate.

2) Sneezing

Many people sneeze constantly when they are suffering from allergies. Sneezing is a reflex that the body uses to eliminate a foreign object from the body. In this case, the body is trying to get rid of whatever it is that you are allergic to.

3) Plugged Nose

A clogged nose is caused by irritated blood vessels in the region. These blood vessels are irritated by the allergens that you have inhaled.

There are ways that you can combat these allergies, ranging from oral medication to allergy shots, depending on the severity of the affliction.