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Post Recovery for Rhinoplasty Now a day, some of us would like to have our nose done because we want to look beautiful and we can also breathe properly this is why rhinoplasty has become famous or popular for those people who would want to improve the aesthetic beauty of their nose. For a person to take a rhinoplasty, he or she must be able to learn the steps or guides on how to prepare himself or herself prior and after the rhinoplasty so that there will be less pain. The nose is very soft, sensitive and delicate after the surgery and this will run for six weeks, that is why the surgeon recommends to the patient to follow recovery tips so that less pain can be experienced by the patients. If you want a fast recovery after your nose surgery, you must not get involved into strenuous activities like going into gym, exercises and other kinds of sports activities that have contact because these activities might hit your nose. Another thing that could help you in your fast recovery after the nose surgery is by keeping your nose away from your kids, small children or babies and even from your pets such as dogs and cats because they might get your nose hurt and bumped.You must prevent your nose from getting bumped by your childer, small kids, babies and event pet and cat pets because they might get playful and they might also accidentally bumped into your nose while you are playing or talking with them also. Another thing that you might want to keep away from your nose is avoid the nose from getting wet so you must not swim into the pool or beach yet after your nose surgery because this might hurt your nose and it might cost complications.
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Smiling or laughing to hard is a not a good practice after your nose surgery because the muscles near the nose will be stretched and this will have a bad effect on your nose thus it will not heal immediately after the surgery. In terms of taking your meals, you must not chew or grind very hard food so that your nose will not be affected and you may consume or intake soft diet foods for six weeks just to make sure that your nose will be on its fast recovery.
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The next thing that you should to do is to avoid wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses for the first four to six weeks because this will hit the bridge of your nose and this part is very delicate or sensitive after your nose surgery. Right after the nose surgery, you must not wear clothes that are too tight and fitted in your body because your nose might get hit and instead wear loose shirt first or blouses with buttons as well so that you will feel comfortable.