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Find and Fix the Pain in Your Back Unfortunately, most people will suffer from some sort of back pain in their lifetimes. It is a debilitating type of pain that affects work and enjoyment of life. Because doctors have so much trouble figuring out the cause of your back pain, you are likely to feel very frustrated. Compare your symptoms with the following common causes of back pain. Your back pain may be coming from a dangerous condition, so be sure to speak with your doctor about it. Pain that moves from the lower back through your leg and foot is usually associated with a pinched sciatic nerve. This can make it hard for some people to walk or stand. Sciatic pain stems from a bulging disc in your back, which presses on your nerve. You may also experience numbness in the leg. Not all people will experience the exact same symptoms. Many cases of sciatic nerve pain stem from sitting with incorrect posture. You could also hear the term spondylosis at your doctor’s office. Joints in your lower back can degenerate and cause this painful condition. Older people are most at risk for spondylosis. As this condition advances, there can be significant impact to your motor skills. The structure and function of the spine involves the harmony of many different body elements. Because the spine is such a complex system, even minor adjustments in position can cause you great pain.
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Your pain could also be caused by spinal stenosis. This means that some areas of your spine have started to get thinner due to injury to genetics. This causes inflammation and pain. Unfortunately, this condition can cause significant pain to its sufferers. The pain experienced from spinal stenosis is similar to arthritis.
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Your doctor may advice you to try some type of exercise or medicine before recommending surgery. Specifically, stretching exercises like yoga can be very beneficial. Pressing your back with a heat or ice pack can help with pain as well. Sleeping on a firm mattress has been shown to help with many different types of back pain. Some people find that alternative therapies like acupuncture are helpful. It is best to go to your doctor as soon as you start having any kind of back pain. Early detection and treatment is crucial to maintaining your current level of mobility. Back and spinal damage is cumulative. The treatments outlined in this article can help relieve your pain temporarily. In the meantime, watch your posture and do not lift heavy items. That way, you can be sure that you are not making your pain worse.