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A Guide to Studying Phlebotomy With the job market the way it is, finding a decent paying job without a college degree can be hard. But, if you go to college without having parents footing the bill, you could be facing a huge amount of debt. You want to find a way to get skills to land a better job because the minimum wage is not enough money to live on. You are not going to need to get a 4 year degree to get the type of skills that will make it easier for you to get a job. You may want to explore some job specific training and certifications that will help you to get a much better job. You are going to want to consider training in phlebotomy if you are looking for a job with better pay and more security. Phlebotomy is the act of making an incision in a person’s vein so you are able to draw their blood out. There are a lot of reasons why a medical center or donation center are going to need to have a phlebotomists working for them. A phlebotomist’s main job is to draw blood from a patient for testing they need or for a donation. But a huge aspect of the job is to be able to work with the patient. The phlebotomist will need to be able to prep the patient for a procedure, as well as explain to them what is happening and why. If you are good at customer service and are not squeamish at the site of blood, you will want to consider a career in phlebotomy. You will have an easy time finding a new job because of how many different places are looking to hire more phlebotomists. And because of the nature of the work you will not have to worry about the boom and bust cycle of the economy affecting your employment.
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You are going to need to get a certification if you are interested in starting a career in phlebotomy. There are a lot of places you can go to get the phlebotomy training that you will need to pass a certification. You should go online and find what options are available near you if you want to start a phlebotomy career soon.
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There are many people that worry they will never be able to make a decent living if they are not able to go to college. But, there are options out there that are not going to make it so you have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a degree. You should consider training in phlebotomy to land a better paying job.