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Things That Pediatric Dentists Do For Your Child A field of dentistry that specializes in taking care of gums, mouths and teeth of younger crowd is called a pediatric dentist. Common patients of these dentists are babies through adolescents. Cavities as well as dental decay are two of the very common oral health problems experienced by such age group. If this isn’t cared for properly, these issues could cause pain and may lead to serious consequences due to the spread of infection. Parents only want their kids to have the best in the world and among the best things that they can do for them is instil a good oral health hygiene. Here are some of the things to think about towards how pediatric dentist could be a big help for having a healthy development of teeth of your child. Number 1. Early childhood – for as early as 6 to 12 months, babies start to have their teeth. It is the bottom two central incisors that are the first to appear. Teething might potentially cause children to show drooling, fussiness as well as chewing on almost everything.
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Teethers are rubber-like pacifiers to which they can chew on. This could provide relief and push the incisors through at the same time. Baby teeth ought to be cleaned from the time they emerge. As much as possible, tots have to be discouraged and must not be put on bed with bottle of juice or any kind of sweet beverage; if you do so, it may rot the enamel and cause a condition called Bottle Mouth.
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Number 2. 3 to 4 years old – majority of the 20 childhood teeth have appeared already at this age range. Still, your children need some assistance to thoroughly brush their teeth and bet taught to utilize just small amounts of toothpaste. The first trip to a pediatric dentist should be made into their early childhood to be able to provide cleaning and good habits. Number 3. 6 to 12 years old – during their early childhood, the first pearly whites start to fall out and soon, will be replaced by permanent ones that hopefully, would last for as long as they live. The first ones that will fall out are often the same ones that grow in. There is the saying that, we are what we eat and similar to our little ones, their overall wellbeing and their bodies at the same time are impacted greatly by the type of diet they have. If you want to ensure that your kids are going to have healthy life and mouth, it will be wise to have basic template of healthy and nutritious food such as fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, plenty of water and whole grains.