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What You Should Consider Before Undergoing Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is one of the common cosmetic procedures that is made to change the nose appearance or improve its functions in breathing. If you think you need this cosmetic surgery, then make sure to gather essential information on it before you undergo the procedure. Aside from the procedure, you need also to know about the different methods used by the doctors and the possible risks and complications after the surgery. Regardless of your personal reasons for deciding to go through a rhinoplasty, it is a must for you to learn essential details on it. Following are essential details you need to learn about rhinoplasty before actually undergoing it.
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1. Realistic expectations are very essential when getting this kind of surgery. Achieving the nose of your favorite star may be possible, but depending on your nose’s anatomical structure. Always have a ready ear to listen to what your surgeon has to suggest. An experienced surgeon knows better on the right procedure to use for the better looks of your nose.
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2. The next thing you have to consider is that rhinoplasty has two main techniques, namely closed and open rhinoplasty. The first procedure is open nose job wherein the initial surgical cut is performed outside the nose that reveals the nose internal structure. In closed technique, the incision is done on the inside which requires a refined surgical skill of the surgeon. Closed rhinoplasty needs less period of time for recovery and come with lesser complications. However, this technique may not address all surgery needs since surgeons can’t have the entire access to reconstruct seriously injured nasal structures. 3. You can never expect good results when you aren’t sure with your surgeon. When you search online, you’ll sure find a lot of surgeons available in your place. For this reason, you have to be extra careful when choosing a surgeon. There are several websites you can make use of. Also, you can go to the website of the surgeons to gather more information. Checking online reviews might also be a great help to decide which surgeon you should choose. Before you finally decide which surgeon to choose, you have to meet with him beforehand. Just feel free to tell everything and a good surgeon will allow you to take a glimpse of the possible result through a computer imaging software. With this, you’ll determine if he has the same concept with yours. 4. Finally, the cost of the procedure should be considered. Depending on the skills of the surgeon and methods used, the cost may range from $3000 – $8000. This is very important because you can’t use your health insurance for this kind of surgery.