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3 Reasons Why American Health Care Solutions Do Not Work In the modern world, the US is considered one of the top spenders for health care solutions. Nonetheless, in comparison to 17 other developed countries, it is ranked last in health and mortality. In the late 2000’s a survey was done among seven countries, including powerhouses such as Germany, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the United States. The results of this survey is quite alarming, as Americans show as the least satisfied with the health care solutions available to the public. Nowadays, Americans find it hard to get an affordable dental work or even finding reputable health care financing companies. Getting to know your options remains to be the best solution to these failures. To avoid getting into these health care system failures, it is best to always search for the answers in the right places. Not Getting Enough Results for Your Money’s Worth
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Americans spend most money in paying for good health care solutions, but are getting very little in return. Sadly, about 30% of each dollar spent on these healthcare system are gone to waste. As much as $750 billion dollars are spent on unnecessary things such as inefficient services, inflated prices, excessive admin fees, and even fraud. Most of the time, those who do not have health care financing options are affected. It is not surprising that least 35% of Americans experience difficulty in paying for medical bills.
Interesting Research on Health – Things You Probably Never Knew
Good thing, there are now companies who offer financing which can drastically help common Americans with their medical bills. It is best to research which companies offer good deals so you can get the best solution. Extraordinarily High Chances of Chronic Diseases In that same survey, the United States shows as having the second highest chances of increasing chronic diseases. Statistics shows that most Americans have poor preventative care and have little attention to good nutrition, as well as, healthy lifestyle. These days, American adults and children are steadily becoming insulin resistant due to incorrect choices of food. To help curb the problem, many health care providers share the importance of better lifestyle choices. Poor Care Coordination Most Americans suffer badly when it comes to managing medical records, causing more problems for health care solutions. For example, lab exams are ordered again because your doctor is unable to find the results. This can become very problematic for patients that require multiple health care providers. Always choose a trustworthy, primary care provider, who can take care of your records with ease. Take the time to update your primary doctor of additional lab tests or other records. Medical Errors is Prevalent Americans suffer the most when it comes to medical error, in fact, as much as a thousand patients die each day due to hospital related errors. Some of the common errors include adverse drug reactions, inappropriate medical treatments, unnecessary surgeries, and hospital/facility-acquired infections. The sad truth is, patients could have avoided these errors, but are still becoming a victim. Experts suggests to get a second opinion especially for patients involved in illnesses that requires major surgeries. When it comes to failures in health care solutions, it can easily become a huge problem. However, by regularly getting the latest news on health care solutions, you and your loved ones should be able to avoid such problems.