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Important Tips You Should Consider In Head Lice Treatments If you could take a look on the available head lice treatments across the globe, you will find out that there are a wide variety of it ranging from homemade remedies to specially made oils and shampoos. Head lice are tiny insects that if you are infested by it, it can be found on the scalp of your head. These are spread if a person is in contact with another who has it. Head lice can infect your hair and is able to survive for up to 30 days in your hair. These insects are expected to lay eggs in your hair during their life cycle. These eggs are most commonly known as nits. Head lice can be found most abundantly in overcrowded places and the most common place where these can be found is the school. Lice infestation symptoms: You will experience itching of the scalp.
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You will have small bumps not only on your scalp but on your neck and shoulders as well.
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You will be able to notice that there may be some tiny white specks on your scalp which are actually eggs; you should be aware that these specks can be quite stubborn whenever you attempt to remove them. Below are some homemade head lice treatments that are proven to be effective for years now: How you should go about with your head lice treatment? Fortunately, you can actually find a lot of options available these days and you may pick from home remedies to the various medical treatments that are made available nowadays. First off, when it comes to natural lice treatments, it involves getting the lice out of your scalp by applying some substances which you can easily find at home. You can always use olive oil, petroleum jelly, and even mayonnaise. You may apply either of these things to your hair and leave it be for the whole nigh. You can prevent dripping by using a shower cap. You might have difficulty getting rid of the eggs, so it is recommended that you repeat the process on a regular basis until it’s all gone. You might have heard that a nit comb is the most effective way for you to get rid of the lice. This is strongly recommended for people who are known to have adverse reactions from lice shampoo or any chemicals that are to be used for head lice treatment. Nit combs can be purchased from local pharmacy shops and it comes with a reasonable price. Taking some preventive measure from head louse infestation is always better than curing it.