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Latest Advancements in the Field of Plastic Surgery Plastic surgery is a field that is ever evolving. With innovative engineers exploring various ideas and techniques, new technologies are created almost day to day. This has led to faster recovery times and better results. The industry itself is also experiencing rapid growth in America, with annual sales exceeding the $10 billion mark. Nowadays, innovators seem to be focused on two particular objects of interest: endoscopes and lasers. Endoscopes have played a crucial role in the plastic surgery industry’s development recently. An endoscope is a medical instrument which is inserted down into the body of a patient, with its built-in camera giving surgeons a good view of the person’s internal organs. Endoscopy is the medical term for this procedure, where the endoscope is slipped down through a tube from the patient’s mouth, and from which the person’s internal organs are visible. Plastic surgeons now employ this instrument during procedures. The instrument is not very new, but surgeons now insert an endoscope through tiny incisions on the scalp of a patient, and a TV screen shows images of tissues that lie underneath. In those days, ear to ear incisions were the only way to perform this procedure. One problem which an endoscope can help correct is sagging jowls. To correct this flaw, small incisions must be made on the scalp and lower eyelids. One good thing about this technology is that results last longer and are noticeably more pleasing. The disadvantage is there will be longer recovery time compared to traditional facelifts. That’s because the swelling that occurs with the can last for up to weeks. Leaders in the plastic surgery industry are also focused on lasers these days. Again, laser technology is not exactly new, but it has certainly been making waves in the field of plastic surgery. Skin resurfacing is one of its most advanced uses. This particular procedure makes use of carbon dioxide lasers which work to eliminate fine lines around the eyelids and mouth. The key benefit of this is that less tissue destruction can occur compared to the older method. The disadvantage is it can be hard to hold the laser instrument properly to make it produce the best results with the least tissue damage. One very popular use of laser technology today is the removal tattoos. Back in those days, deciding to get a tattoo was very difficult. It was one of those decisions from which you could never turn back from. Not today! You can easily get a tattoo removed through plastic surgery with the use of lasers. It can be a long process though, depending on how many colors are in the tattoo. Some plastic surgeons require a number of appointments. But definitely, it can be erased completely. Indeed, there has been a lot of improvement in the plastic surgery field nowadays. And we can only expect more in the years to come.Smart Tips For Finding Doctors

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