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Everything To Know About SLAP Tear Recovery SLAP tear is actually an injury to a person’s shoulder in the labrum. Labrum on the other hand is the ring of cartilage that’s surrounding the socket of shoulder joint. The phrase SLAP is actually an abbreviation for Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior. In SLAP injury, the top or superior part of labrum is what injured. The top part is where the biceps tendon attaches to labrum. SLAP tear takes place both in the back and front of the attachment point, which may also make the biceps tendon be injured. In most instances, the treatment for SLAP injury is non-surgical and there are various options for treatments that can be used similar to:
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Non steroidal anti inflammatory medication – sometimes, drugs including naproxen and ibuprofen is enough in reducing the swelling and pain that the patient experiences.
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Physical therapy – there are a number of different exercise that can really help to restore the movement while strengthening your shoulder too. As for the exercises to improve range of motion and flexibility, it may include the shoulder capsule to be stretched, which happens to be a strong connective tissue that is surrounding the joint. These exercises must be done properly and correctly because it can help support the shoulders and relieve the pain while preventing further injuries later on. Such exercise routine might be continued from the next 6 months and will often involve working with a qualified and professional physical therapist. But in the event that the pain doesn’t improve with non surgical methods, it is when your doctor will recommend a surgical procedure. The surgical technique that is mostly used to repair SLAP injury is called arthroscopy. The surgeon will start inserting a small cam, which is called anthroscope to the shoulder joint throughout the procedure. The camera will then display photos on TV screen and the surgeon would use these images to be able to guide the miniature surgical instruments. The arthroscope and the surgical instruments are so thin and your surgeon could make use of very small incisions or cuts rather than a bigger incision, which is what often needed for standard and open surgery. As for SLAP tear recovery options, there are actually a number of options that you can go for. Your surgeon determines the best approach in repairing your SLAP injury once he/she sees it fully throughout the arthroscopic surgery. This might require removing the labrum’s torn part or perhaps, reattaching the torn part by using stitches. In reality, a few of the SLAP injuries will even require the cutting of biceps tendon attachment whether you believe it or not.