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When Is It Time to Consult a Marital Therapist? One thing about marriage is it can’t be perfect. If you’re having problems with your spouse, you can choose to walk away or work things out. A marital therapist is a professional who can help you do that, but then again, are you really on that stage? Here are some of the signs of marriages that need therapy: Never-ending Fights Do you always find yourself going to bed angry with your spouse? Do you feel like everyday is always an ongoing battle between the two of you? If you avoid the problem, you two might just end up divorced. Stop saying it’s not a big deal. It is and you should do something to make it better. Suppressed Resentment
Finding Parallels Between Treatments and Life
Was there something that happened between the two of you, which you somehow never really resolved? Maybe an affair, a lie about the past? When you allow things to build up inside quietly, it will only be a matter of time before you explode, and it will be ugly. Don’t wait for that to happen.
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Zero Sex Life Depression, anger, money problems and self-esteem issues are some of the common reasons couples stop having sex. However, those sexual ties are exactly what make you partners and not simply friends. If it’s gone, so is a good chunk of your relationship, and you have to get it back if you want the marriage to work. To Each His Own If you’re always doing your own thing and not only because there’s no other choice (staying home for the kids, for instance), that’s a really nasty red flag. Yes, even married couples have to do things individually for personal growth; but if you never find time for each other anymore, that could mean you have disconnected. The Children If if you’ve disconnected so bad that you can’t even find common ground for raising your kids, then you really have to see a therapist. If you have children, whatever affects your marriage will always affect them. Expectations from Therapy Some people begin therapy thinking the therapist will take their side. In reality, good therapists never do that. Fairness and objectivity are required by their code ethics. Resistant Spouse Does your partner want to go with you to therapy? If so, then there’s a good chance for things to work. If not, that’s a problem. For therapy to work, both parties should want it. Patience Is It! It’s illogical to think that a broken marriage can be rebuilt in one day. It just doesn’t happen outside of movies. Relationships are complex, and therapy can be time-consuming. However, provided you and your spouse want to make things work, they surely will.