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What Does Your Blood Test Result Mean? It seems that no matter what you do, when you visit the doctor, emergency room or urgent care clinic, you’ll end up undergoing for a blood test. Rest assure that you will be requested for a blood test and stuck with a needle whether it is for annual physical test, current health issues or some mental problems. This could not just be frustrating but at the same time, a great reason to stay away from paying a visit to your physician if you’re among those who hate needles. But are you mindful that blood tests are called or perhaps, what it could tell you? As you read this article, we will be tackling what is happening in such in the next few paragraphs so you’re aware of it. If someone is sick, one of the most ordered blood test by doctors is CBC or Complete Blood Count. With regards to this test, it counts the number of the blood cells by type. These values are then used to indicate certain issues that the patient is suffering. Here is a simplified version of the different kinds of blood cells, what abnormal levels indicate and to what their functions really are:
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Number 1. White Blood Cells – called simply as WBC by professional healthcare experts; there are different kinds of it but the primary function of these cells are to fight infections no matter if it’s bacterial or viral. Depending on the kind of white blood cell that’s decreased or increased, the doctor may tell any specific diseases or locations.
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Its high counts usually mean that there’s some kind of infection but less commonly it is utilized as indicator of malignancies or cancers. You may possibly have problem with your medications or chemotherapy as well as bone marrow conditions in the event that you have a low count of white blood cells in your body. Number 2. Red Blood Cells – referred as RBC, these cells have the hemoglobin on them in order to carry oxygen in other cells throughout the different parts of the body. Say that you have low RBC, it can be a sign of anemia that might have varieties of causes. Having high counts of red blood cells on the other hand indicate that you may have low oxygen level or have issues with bone marrow. Number 3. Platelets – these are so important in the body because it is responsible for clotting system and keep us from excessive bleeding. You can have issues in bone marrow or has severe inflammation if you have high platelet count but if you have low, it means prolonged bleeding or other conditions.