A Quick Overlook of Eyecare – Your Cheatsheet

Vision Therapy Methods and Exercises You Can Follow and Execute Safely When you have an eye problem, then there will be a lot of exercises that you could follow and right off the bat, they should not be that expensive because you can actually do a simple vision therapy at home all by yourself. To help you and give you a better understanding on what these are and how they are done, we will be discussing them along so make sure that you will read through this article. Call the Ball, this is one of the vision therapy methods that we will be talking about and this one actually makes use of a ball similar to a soccer ball or a kickball. What you will do with the ball is basically to just write letters and numbers on it and make sure that the size vary from one letter to another and how this goes is that while the ball is tied to the ceiling, you will be pushing it to any direction and as the ball is swinging, call out numbers or the names that you will see. Basically speaking, this is just one of the many exercises that is provided for people with the same vision problems such as what you have and there are actually more than this method and it ranges from as simple as flashcards that you can find at day care centers to as sophisticated as using computer programming and software. The list goes on and on actually but if you are interested in learning more about these exercises, then you may call your optometrist so they can recommend you with what is best for you.
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Another simple vision therapy exercise that you can do is to perform the follow your thumb and how this goes is that you will be stretching it out at arm’s length and slowly, you will be moving your thumb in patterns such as in and out motions, crosses, and X’s and follow them with your eyes without bothering moving your head and keep it still.
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Another vision therapy exercise that one can follow in order to help them relax their tired eyes is to perform palming and to do this, gently rub your palms onto each other for about 15 seconds or until you will get to feel that your palms are warm enough. Once you have rubbed them thoroughly, the heat should start to generate and as soon as you feel the heat, close your eyes and cup your palm on your eyes but see to it that you will not touch your eyelids as you cup your eyes. Palm your eyes appropriately and hold that position for a few minutes and while you are holding the position, regularly take deep breathes for a few minutes as well. However, if you are looking for better ways, then you should opt to go for Austin vision therapy experts or optometrists.