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Efficient Methods of Overcoming Sleep Apnea Many people are affected with sleep apnea and they are not aware of it. Being conversant is not an important factor only that your exposure to other conditions such as diabetes and strokes. Knowing how to beat your apnea can save your life. The following are the good ways of beating it. Cut down on your weight Several apnea patients usually have a lot of weight problems, and the ones who reduce this weight significantly, realise that the apnea goes away almost instantly. There are some extra tissues at back of the throat of people who are overweight. This additional tissue can fall down over the flow blocking the flow of air into the lungs the time that you are taking a nap. By shedding off some weight, your throat opens up and this improves the sleep apnea condition.
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Your throat is made to close up when you lie on your back and when this happens your tongue is forced towards the back of your tongue. Gravity also forces your tongue and soft tissues to drop and block the airway. When you switch up your posture, it helps to reduce your ache very much and reduce your apnea attacks greatly. Pillows also dictates the posture of your head and by reducing the number of pillows you are using. You will make it possible for your head to rest is a more neutral position. There are also some people who only get sleep apnea if they lay on their backs. Give up on smoking It is a common knowledge that smoking encourages sleep apnea by rising inflammation and retention of fluid on the upper part of your airway and throat. Keep off from alcohol, sedatives, and sleeping pills You should cut down on alcohol and sedatives especially before you go to bed since they will cause high relaxation of your throat muscles, which may interrupt your breathing. Do a lot of training Besides helping you in losing weight, which is also very important, starting and maintaining a training program can greatly affect the quality of your sleep and the duration that you sleep. Sleep apnea will also be minimised by employing aerobics and resistance training in your work outs. Yoga can also improve the muscle strength in your airway which will help with making the breathing while you sleep so much better. Always stick to your usual sleeping hours You will be able to relax and sleep better by maintaining a steady schedule for sleeping. By sleeping adequately, you greatly reduce the apnea episodes. It is very important that you avoid poor sleeping habits since it can affect you just the way drinking alcohol affects you.