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Erectile Dysfunction: What You Should Know

Male impotence, or the dysfunction of the penile erection is the male organ’s decreased or total loss of sufficient erection that prevents pleasurable or successful intercourse. This may begin with a decrease in the frequency of erections that the patient normally experiences, inability to maintain a firm erection, or a quick subsiding of the achieved erection.

Men are often afraid to discuss it, but this male organ dysfunction most often affects 25% to 50% of men over the age of 65 and can be both organic and psychogenic in origin. Psychogenic causes are from depression, anxiety, fatigue, or sexual pressure. Organic factors are from disorders that may disrupt the male erectile function. Common examples are endocrine disorders, cirrhosis, blood disorders, substance abuse, insufficient testosterone, occlusive cardiovascular conditions, and severe injuries in the pelvic region or the genital area.

Diagnosing problems in penile erection involves the assessment of one’s history medically and sexually, and extensive laboratory tests with neurologic exams. This may also include a review of all medications, drugs, and alcohol used by the patient. A psychological test is also arranged in several cases.

The cause of the patient’s organ malfunction will be the basis for its treatment. Nonsurgical approach in treatment includes the use of injectables or oral medications to assist the erection process when desired. In some cases of secondary erectile dysfunction, it is important to treat the underlying condition first, like in the case of alcoholics, or adjusting medications that cause the dysfunction such as the maintenance medications for hypertension. If nonsurgical therapy is not indicated, patients may choose to undergo surgery for an implant. This surgery involves the use of prosthesis which is either rigid or inflatable, to provide the needed erection when patient desires. Prior to deciding which prosthesis to choose, the couple is recommended to undergo counseling, while the man should consider his typical activities daily to help him decide which type will fit his lifestyle.

If the patient is uncomfortable with medications and invasive surgeries, another option is the intake of supplements made from herbal plants. Several types of ginseng plants have become a popular supplement among men that claims that it can work wonders without the common side effects from synthetic medicines. In other countries, acupuncture have been reported to help a man’s ordeal from penile dysfunction, but like all therapies, it would be wise to seek consultation first.

It is always helpful for any men to maintain a healthy lifestyle as early as possible. Lifestyle changes may help prevent or improve cases of erectile dysfunction. Quit smoking if you are a smoker, lose weight if you are overweight, do more physical activities, and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Erectile dysfunction is not a hereditary disease, which means it is very much preventable.

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