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Tips before Snorkeling

There are so many reasons to fall in love in snorkeling and among that is the relaxation it offers. Floating around and enjoying what life like underwater is enough to get away from the problems and stress that you face in your life. Having said that, you might be wondering the secret to snorkel correctly?

As a matter of fact, the answer to this question is quite straightforward. The most significant thing that anyone interested in this activity is to feel relaxed. It is not necessary to rush yourself and besides, the key to have a memorable experience is by snorkeling without fatigue, cramps or breathless. If you’re a newbie in this activity, then it might be unnerving to breathe underwater using a tube. But there’s nothing that you should be worried about since it’ll soon become your second nature after couple of tries.

If you’re still in the learning process however, then it is recommended that you test the snorkel in shallow waters, ideally in a sandy beach or in an indoor pool. What you can do here is to lay flat on your stomach and while you are floating, put your face in the water at 45 degree angle. Just bite the mouthpiece gently and let your lips to create a seal around it while holding the snorkel. In general, whenever you put the snorkel back in your mouth, be sure that you exhaled before inhaling in the tube, most especially if there’s water in it.

You might want to try the snorkel by taking slow breaths in the tube. One simple yet very effective practice to do is to breathe deeply, cautiously and slowly right through your snorkel. There’s no reason to panic as you can easily lift your head above the water whenever you want. Just remember, the key here is to feel relaxed and be aware of your breaths.

While you are learning how to snorkel, you will experience that keeping your head above the water can be tiring sooner or later. The good thing about this is that, with snorkel, you can lie face down in water while you’re motionless at the surface and still breathing through the tube. After constantly practicing, you would develop the basic skills to this activity. If you are going to have long snorkeling outings, then being able to know about this resting position can be a big help to conserve energy.

Just before venturing into open water on the other hand, it is vital to test your skills when using snorkels. By this time, you should know how to breathe properly while snorkeling.

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