Best Razor To Shave Your Head

Best Razor To Shave Your Head

In this article I need to be discussing an appropriate nicely known razor to shave your head with. I will effort to guard it as impartial and aim as attainable, notwithstanding let's face it even an appropriate nicely known of us by and major are likely to want irrespective of what relatively extra prompted by our own non-public pursuits and tales.

The words "highest nicely known razor" will advise incredibly several concerns to totally the several of us. To you it would advise the least expensive razor. To an alternate grownup it would advise the razor that helps them to shave their head the fastest. For of us like myself, it would advise the razor that they shave their head with that makes them sound like a bad ass. 😉

I will do my own non-public ranking of razors per totally the several categories. I will only rank razors that I have personally used to shave my own head with: mach three's, Dovo shavette, right now razor, and the headblade seasoned. Let's start up.


If you shave your head progressively then charge can undoubtedly be a extreme concern. We all understand that razors should additionally be surprising expensive. Here's my ranking:

Dovo Shavette – The initial care for repayments owed about 25 greenbacks. However, that you just could get blades surprising moderately-priced at a local drugstore and walmart. I'm speaking like $2 for a pack of 10. Shavettes take DE blades that could be snapped in half, so you are the statement is getting 20 blades for $2. Not bad, huh? These blades do last for a first-class deal of shaves as nicely.
mach three's/headblade seasoned – Mach three's and headblade seasoned tied for 2nd. Headblade seasoned takes a cartridge razor same to a mach three does, so the charge is set an precise.
right now razor – as a lot as I regarded as as essential to rank right now razors bigger, I merely should nicely not. You can get a right now razor for as moderately-priced as $30. However, you are going to need to necessarily pay to get it honed about twice a year(expect about $30 to not consist of delivery) or hone it your self. If you hone it your self you want to necessarily purchase rainy stones and oil which extra raises the charge. Then you want to necessarily purchase a strop and strop pastes. If you only offered one right now razor and used it for the nippiness out of your lifestyles then it would end up being extra cost-triumphant than cartridges, notwithstanding as soon as of us get into right now razors they by and major are likely to guard on with it procuring extra and extra of them. As a affect, cartridges will be a extra cost-triumphant series in my humble opinion.


If you shave your head contained in the morning ahead of work, then how out of the blue that you just could shave your head should additionally be a issue. These scores are assuming that you just are only shaving 1-three days of growth. The longer the hair the  it clogs your cartridge razors ensuing in a slower time shaving.

Mach three – You in all likelihood use a mach three or some other cartridge razor to shave your face. Since you have got been employing it for by means of this fact lengthy you are going to clearly be able to shave your head an comprehensive lot  with it than any other razor readily available contained readily available to buy.
Headblade Pro – This only comes in 2nd because there is a average researching curve to it. Slight is more than likely an exaggeration. With merely a choice of shaves below your belt you'll be capable shave your head merely as out of the blue if not  than contained in the get together you were employing a mach three.
shavette/right now razor – I've grouped those together because they the 2 take about an precise duration of time to shave your head with. Starting readily available contained readily available to buy is a individual big researching curve. You need to necessarily grab retaining the blade at totally the several angles looking on the contours of your head. For me it does take me a significantly longer time shaving my head with a shavette/right now razor than it does with a mach3/headblade seasoned. If I only used a shavette/right now razor to shave my head and shaved it day-to-day then ultimately I should nicely more than likely get same instances. However which might take an comprehensive lot of time and apply.

Ease of Use

Headblade Pro – This wins it by a landslide. It become designed from the lowest up to be a head shaving razor. It is a particularly intuitive razor and is intensely effortless to seize. It only takes a pair of shaves to get used to it and is intensely complex to nick your self.
Mach three – Again this goes back to the statement that you just've got got more than likely already been employing mach three's and cartridge razors for a although. As a affect, it need to be very effortless to transition to shaving your head with it. However, for my half those were extra or a lot less designed in your face. As such it need to necessarily nevertheless be relatively more not clean to take advantage of when shaving your head than the headblade razor.
Shavette/Straight razor – These are razors that experience a giant researching curve. It should additionally be puzzling to seize how to hang the blade to shave your head. As such, it is extra puzzling to take advantage of.

Clogging of the blade(Lack of)

To me this is where the right now razor and the shavette actually shine and the cartridge razors by and major are likely to suck.

Straight Razor – Since there's purely one blade there's not on get together very necessarily any clogging of it. The only factor you want to necessarily concern about is how a lot shaving cream/cleaning soap collects on the blade. I can do extra passes with a right now razor devoid of need to rinse it off than any other razor I've used.
Shavette – There is purely one blade during this razor, notwithstanding it has an insert which holds the blade. Hair can turn out to be wedged between the insert and the blade. This is the sole cause it is ranked series two and not at all for first domain during this element.
Mach three – Hair tends to clog between the razors. The extra the hair that gets clogged, the a lot less optimistic it becomes at shaving. Also, with longer hair they clog an comprehensive lot .
Headblade Pro – I explore this razor clogs an appropriate. Also the procedure the razor is designed makes it puzzling to unclog the blades by working water over them.

Pure Vanity

This is where all my objectivity goes out the window.

Straight Razor – I assume there is a guaranteed charm that comes to shaving your head with a right now razor. If you inform of us that you just shave your head with a right now razor they by and major are likely to appearance at you totally the several. Ok, they need to nicely assume you are loopy, notwithstanding also is kind of a laugh in and of itself. Even of us who shave their faces with right now razors continuously are prompted that you just use it to shave your head.
Headblade Pro – This razor has a suitably exotic appear and actually feel to it. There also is a guaranteed portion of fun that's why I ranked it series two.
Shavette- Not as bad ass procuring groceries as your conventional right now. Also, the hit upon is merely not too manly.
Mach three – Let's face it there's nothing pleasant looking about shaving with a mach three.

As that you just could see each and every one razor is "an appropriate nicely known" in one procedure or an alternate. You will need to necessarily decide what's an appropriate appropriate to you and decide accordingly. I personally use the mach three and shavette an appropriate. What razor do you use to shave your head? Why do you use it?