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How to Handle the Cost of Plastic Surgery A lot of people want to have plastic surgery but are concerned about the not-so-cheap costs associated with it. Although you should never put more critical financial responsibilities aside, such as your car loan or your kids’ education, you do have financing options available. The following are useful tips, provided you’ve had a consultation and know what procedure you want: 1. Work on your credit score. Like any other loan out there, financing for plastic surgery requires good credit standing – at least, if you don’t want skyrocketing interest rates. Loan companies will surely scrutinize your credit, so if it’s been a long time since you last knew your credit score, find out your latest number. If you’ve been having problems, start getting your debts paid and saving money. If you do have a good score, you can expect an approval and a good rate.
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2. Know what costs are going to be involved.
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There are usually three fees that go into the total cost of plastic surgery – the surgeon’s fees, the anesthesiologist’s fees, and the OR fees. So when you’re given an amount that you have to pay, inquire of this is all-inclusive. 3. Be sure you can actually afford the cost. Don’t even consider blowing a good credit score by getting a loan which is beyond your capacity. Your total economic health is surely more important than any plastic surgery you may believe you need. If you’re worried about cash problems, your job or any other things, your recovery will be delayed and your health could suffer. If you have to delay the surgery, do it by all means. 4. Tell your surgeon you’ll use financing and ask him if he’ll take it. There are plastic surgeons that don’t take payments from financing providers and vice versa. Hence, before you even commit to a particular doctor, you should have ironed this point out. Also ask how your surgery will be paid by the company. There will be three scenarios here – only the surgeon will be paid; the surgeon, anesthesiologist and operating room facility will be paid with separate checks; and the surgeon will receive one check, which includes payments for the anesthesiologist and the operating room facility. Always make sure you’ve discussed this with your surgeon, or you could have a big problem following the surgery. 5. Pick a reputable plastic surgery financing company. There are many companies that offer financing to those who wish to have plastic surgery. As you may assume, the larger ones are connected with professional organizations as well as big banks. There are smaller companies, but it may be more difficult to know more about them, and research is a part you must never skip. In any case, be sure to give your personal financial information only if you’re totally sure it will be safe.