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Things To Know Before Buying Nootropic Supplements Nootropics are also called as cognitive enhancers and smart drugs are basically supplements, drugs or any other substances that is meant to boost cognitive function especially executive function, creativity, memory or motivation in healthy individuals. The use of these cognition enhancing drugs by people who are completely healthy in absence of medical indication is one of the debated topics among psychiatrists, physicians and neuroscientists which spans a number of different issues such as their fairness of their use, ethics, concerns over side effects as well as diversion of prescription drugs for non-medical uses and among others. Nonetheless, international sales of these nootropic supplements exceeded billion dollar mark in 2015 and still, its global demand for these compounds just keep on growing on a rapid rate. There are just few drugs that are popular to further improve several aspects of cognition while many more are still in the developmental stage. Stimulants like caffeine is the commonly used class for drugs.
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The truth is, these drugs are mostly used in an effort to treat motor or cognitive function difficulties attributable disorders just like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Huntington’s disease. On the other hand, some researches reported the more widespread use despite the concern for thorough research. Nevertheless, intense marketing might not correlate with the efficacy while scientific studies have supported the beneficial effects of these compounds. The marketing claims of manufacturers for dietary supplements are often not tested and verified formally by independent entities.
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In academics, nootropic supplements are purposely used to increase productivity despite of its long term effects lacking conclusive research for healthy people. Making use of prescription stimulants is quite common especially among students who are attending academically competitive colleges. It shows that .7 to 4.5 percent of German students have actually used cognitive enhancers according to surveys. Amongst younger groups and campuses, stimulants like methylphenidate and dimethylamylamine are also common. The use of drugs in order to increase cognitive performance are influenced by a number of factors both negatively and positively. And among them are drug characteristics, characteristics of social context and even personal characteristics. If the manufacturer can present that it has the means to safely manufacture the supplement, that their supplement is generally deemed as safe and if the manufacturer doesn’t make claims about their supplements use to prevent or treat any condition or disease, then that is the only time when they can start marketing their products in the US. Supplements that are containing drugs or for which the treatment or prevention claims are made are all illegal under United States law. So if you live in the US, be careful which brand of supplement you are buying from.