Do as I say, no longer as I do

Do as I say, now not as I do

Remember whilst leaders would largely lead? When leaders led by example? When a leader would say "carry out me" and then largely paved the methodology into the unknown; assuming all of the hazards being asked of everyone else? When it end as much as be anathema to ask any certain individual to do what you yourself would not do?

There are still cases wherein we witness this fashion of administration. The U.S. Military purely about oozes it. One of the more identical old (and literal) slogans of the U.S. Marine Corps is "First to Fight"; they imply it…and they live it.

U.S. Army Rangers say "Rangers Lead the Way"; they imply it …and they live it. Navy Seals say "The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday"…and I feel them.

Isn't it odd that fashion of administration exists in our militia in spite of it is for sure totally absent in our elected officers? Our elected officers for sure have now not any scarcity of challenges accessible as an instance this fashion of administration…as a subject of assertion, with out all that likelihood of being killed.

Take the hassle of fitness handle example. Forget for the moment what your personal opinion occurs to be in terms of the stability of a nationwide fitness care plan, and in its place recognition on how our elected officers paintings themselves into the very plan that they had impose on some thing else of us.

As a brief primer; The Affordable Health Choices Act, drafted by Senator Edward Kennedy's group of employees…with a bit the aid of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee…is the legislation that the President is urging swift approval of. It would, in result, create an HMO genre fitness earnings plan administered by the executive.

There is even supposing, a curious products written into this legislation. Surprisingly (or a lot without doubt now not) the legislation in certain exempts federal employees and folks of Congress from the plan. This little tidbit end as much as be covered in Friday's Wall Street Journal. So in essence, we get one executive plan for all of "us"…and a special (meaning extended) plan for our "leaders".

Again, it really does now not subject whether you settle or now not that there may still be a nationwide fitness care plan. But it flawlessly does subject if the americans we wish have the audacity to make authorized guidelines that be bound that they're extended offered for than you.

I were told that there end as much as be a time whilst public service end as much as be a noble element. When elected officers largely took up the banner of the americans; and labored diligently to serve them. I have moreover been told that dinosaurs as soon as roamed the earth.

Sadly, I have now not largely witnessed either of those problems to do…and handiest the dinosaurs left any proof of their existence.

I am willing to guess that I see a factual Jurassic Park (with residing dinosaurs), correctly previously I see any elected trustworthy take up a principled scenario on any subject, if doing so carries with it any likelihood (irrespective of how small) of wasting a re-election bid.

So ideal here's the most effective slogan that I may correctly greater than a lot likely suppose of that our elected officers can say with meaning; and largely live as much as: "Do as I say, now not as I do."