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5 Questions You Have To Ask To Your Plastic Surgeon One of the biggest decisions you will ever make is undergoing a plastic surgery. There’s so much things to be considered in regards to the cost, recovery time and safety and thus, it is important that you ask your plastic surgeon the appropriate questions to be able to get assurance and be comfortable with the procedure that has to be done. We will be looking at the best questions you ought to ask to a plastic surgeon before having a surgery in this article. Remember that a good and seasoned plastic surgeon will be happy answering all questions you have and will do it clearly and thoroughly. So if you’re ready, let us start… Question number 1. Is this procedure right for me – there are numerous people who go to a plastic surgeon with thoughts they know which type of procedure is going to fix their problem. On the other hand, that might not be the most preferred option in achieving the best aesthetic outcome. Plastic surgeon must perform comprehensive analysis before they can start recommending what procedure is right for you based on your skin condition, age and the likes.
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Question number 2. How the procedure will be done – in regards to this matter it’ll be ideal to ask about what type of anesthesia will be used and the specific technique that will be performed.
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Question number 3. What are the potential complications and risks of the procedure – in fact, the negatives are outweighed by the positive outcomes that plastic surgery can provide. Nevertheless, you have to be mindful of these things prior to the surgery so by that, you can be clear to yourself and decide if you’re willing to continue despite of all the complications that come with the process. Question number 4. How long is the recovery time – there are surgeries that are going to take a while before you can recover fully while others take only days or weeks. For you to make the necessary preparations such as getting help at home to be able to ease the recovery, requesting day off from work and so on, you ought to know the average recovery time. Also, expect that you won’t be able to do what you do normally in first several days and weeks after your surgery. Question number 5. What I can expect from the result – your plastic surgeon has to tell you about the results that you could expect and to how you would look like after the procedure. Ideally, the results should look as natural as possible so take a look at the before and after photos of previous patients who’ve undergone the same procedure.