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Top Potty Training Tips Revealed Using a potty for the first time is a new experience for your child and it is always best to take the process slowly and go at the pace of the child. This is because if you are patient with them, you can help them get it right, even if sometimes you feel frustrated. If a child wants to remain clean and dry, they will be able to control their bowel and bladder. While there is no particular method that guarantees success in potty training, you can use a few tricks to help you succeed. When exactly should one start potty training? If the child is not yet ready for the transition, they will not use the potty however much you try. In time, they will want to use it because some children won’t want to go to school in nappies even if you still want them to. In most cases, parents start thinking about training their children to use the potty when they are two and two-and-a-half years old. It is advisable that you start potty training when there are no great changes or disruptions to your child’s routine. Using a potty present a new experience for the child so it is advisable if you get them used to it slowly. In the case of boys, it is better if they start by first sitting on the potty before switch to standing later on. You should also remember to leave the potty at a place where the child can find it easily and explain to them what it’s used for. If you can, stay at home and steer the toddler to the bathroom if you notice they want to release themselves. Before you start, you can prepare some interesting activities which will occupy the toddler.
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To start potty training, always remember to keep the potty in the bathroom. The idea is to make potty sitting a part of your child’s everyday activity. You can make this more effective by providing the child with toys to play with or books to look at. If the child regularly does a poo at the same time each day, suggest that they go to the potty. Encouraging your child to use the potty to wee also helps build their confidence.
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If you do not rant to the child every time they make a mistake, they will not feel worried or anxious about the whole thing, and they are more likely to succeed next time. It is also imperative that you leave the child in clothes that they can easily change so avoid tight clothes wit zips or buttons. On the same note, a little praise from you will also help a lot because your child will be delighted when they know that they have succeeded.