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Information on Free Pregnancy Testing and Ultrasounds If your pregnancy tests have turned out to be positive, it is advisable that you start prenatal care immediately. The prenatal care will ensure that the baby and you as well are healthy during the whole pregnancy. The prenatal care visits will include ultrasound scans being done on you. What the ultrasound scans do is show exactly how the baby is in the womb. The activity of baby will be monitored by the ultrasound scans. The ultrasound scan will also be able to give you the age of the baby easily. In the case of multiple pregnancies, you will be able to detect them through the ultrasound scan.
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There are no side effects that these scans have on the babies and mothers and they are usually painless. It is important that you talk to your OB about the concerns that you have on the pregnancy.
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The safety of the scans is good and that is why they can be taken at any stage of pregnancy. During the women’s pregnancy, you will find that the highlight is when the baby is seen moving in the womb. The abnormalities will be detected at an early stage and this is one of the benefits of the ultrasound scans. The people that carry out the scans are called sonographers. So that they get good pictures, they will dim the lights in the room and you will be asked to lie on a couch. There is some special gel that will be applied on your belly so that the machine will have good contact with the skin. The machine will be passed over the skin and there are ultrasound waves that will be sent and received back by the machine. This is how the picture of the baby will be seen and in black and white. It is important to note that the sonographer will apply some slight pressure so that they are able to get the best views. The professional will carefully examine the baby to catch on any abnormalities. If the baby is in an awkward position, the scan might take longer but normally it will not take more than 20 minutes. The mother being overweight will mean that the picture quality will reduce and the scan will take longer. The other tip that the mother should know is that they should have a full bladder during the ultrasound scan so that you get the best quality pictures. In the market, there is a wide range of ultrasound scans that you can select from. The more advanced the technology that is being used in the ultra sound scans, the better the results that you will have. Visit our website today so that you get to enjoy free pregnancy testing and ultrasound scans.