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Your Synthetic Urine Guide Synthetic urine can be simply described as a substance produced in the laboratory that mimics in a satisfactory manner our normal piss because if its chemical properties and how it is composed. It is normally used by examiners to put in working order their testing apparatus, but it can also be used by test subjects to successfully hurdle their drug test because of the substance’s matching composition and pH level to that of the human pee. The question that needs to be answered is: does it actually work? The evidence is clear and understandable. If you have a good liquid consisting of all the exact substances contained in human urine, and with the precise combination, you will be able to hurdle any drug test. It also helps that a large number of laboratories that conduct drug tests do not ordinarily subject a sample to a genetic analysis. That is the only way a tester will find out that the fluid is synthetic pee.
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Many years of trial and error have made the simulated pee contain all the essence of a typical urine including ammonia, sulfates, urea, creatine, and the correct specifications for pre-mixed uric acid. At this time, these substances also incorporate estrogen, testosterone, coloring agents and even the vitamin B12.
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Synthetic urine is the foolproof way to hurdle a drug test today no matter what is present in your system. Be that as it may, you have to be sure you use the right urine for your drug test. Your predicament is what to choose from the vast array of choices available. To determine the best fake pee brand, it is recommended to go over the reviews of the various brands available in the market before purchasing one. It is better that the item be purchased from online stores to preserve the confidentiality of your private information, to have a larger assortment of products and price tags to pick from, and for prompt delivery. It is essential to gain a clear understanding of how you should decide on the best product that is tailor-made for your needs. The following features should be included in your synthetic urine: Make certain that uric acid is present in its composition because the compound is routinely tested in all laboratories. Meticulously read the product label and double-check that it has everything you need. Aside from uric acid, certify the presence of urea because it is also very necessary. Temperature is also key. Bear in mind that a person’s pee holds a typical temperature of about 36?C to 37? so the best synthetic urine should match the same warmth. Serious products include a strip that will register the temperature, as well as a pad that assists in heating the miniature container containing the fake pee.