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Basic And Effective Tips To Find A Plastic Surgeon Due to the continuous innovations in the field of cosmetic technology, it becomes simpler for patients to achieve the body that they are always dreaming of. In hands of an incompetent and inexperienced surgeon on the other hand, things can quickly become painful, expensive and a fruitless ordeal. With this being said, how patients could choose the best surgeon for the surgery they want to be done in their body? Luckily, there are several steps to which patients could undergo to make sure that they can find the best plastic surgeon. Number 1. Board Certification – the first step in which patients have to take when choosing a surgeon is to look for the board certification of their prospective surgeon. To put it simply, it indicates that the surgeon were able to pass the board exam and has been certified to practice his/her trade. Completing a 4 year pre-medical education in a university or college, a course of study that leads to a DO or MD degree from any qualified medical schools as well as 3 to 5 years of full time experience in accredited residency training program is what required for a doctor to be certified. What’s more, he/she should pass an oral and written exam made and administered by the board. This however is only the beginning of the certification because to stay certified, the surgeon needs to stay abreast of the advancements in his/her specialty. And without having the board certification, it can’t give you guarantees that the surgeon has the technical skills to complete the surgical procedure safely.
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Number 2. Patient Reviews – believe it or not, board certification is only the bare minimum to find the right surgeon. With this being said, you may be wondering on how your prospect doctor could provide natural and beautiful results? The fact that there are tons of websites in the internet that could answer this issue, which is a great thing about today’s world. There are countless of websites that are offering authentic reviews coming from previous patients including a thorough look at several important elements such as bedside manner, price, and of course, the result of the procedure.
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On top of that, majority of these websites are also hosting other important elements for the patients to consider including the doctor’s resume, before and after photos of some patients they’ve serviced, articles they’ve written and so on. Number 3. The Doctor – assuming that you have determined that the surgeon is board certified and receives high recommendations from patients, visiting their website and reviewing the services offered by the plastic surgeon as well as the cost for each of the said service is the next thing you have to do.