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The Health Gains of Xylitol Gum Xylitol is known widely due to its numerous benefits to the human body. What you should know is that it is extremely valuable to the point where somebody decided to help people utilize it more through toothpaste, eating candy, and even chewing gum. Basically, that is almost every single moment of the day from the time you wake up. Let us look at reasons behind this popularity and why you should join the rest of the people. To start us off, xylitol is an all-natural sugar that can be found in all sorts of delicious fruits and even in our bodies. In any given day, the body can produce some amount of xylitol but it is never enough to cater for the body’s increasing need. However, the fact that our bodies might require a little bit more is the reason why we have the xylitol gum. That should be our first health benefit that comes with chewing the xylitol gum. By virtue of being a healthy sugar, a gum filled with xylitol helps prevent tooth decay among many people. By chewing the gum on a frequent basis, you will be enriching your mouth with natural sugars. It cannot break down the natural sugar and feed on it like the other sugars. The resultant situation will be reduced numbers of bacteria. With no acid to decay the teeth, you will be able to enjoy strong and healthy teeth for long.
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Repairing of damaged enamel is yet another benefit that comes with xylitol gum. It enhances production of saliva which is usually more alkaline than saliva stimulated by other sugar products. The increased alkalinity that has a PH above 7 results in calcium and phosphate salts helping to strengthen the weak enamel.
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Diabetic patients can now enjoy their gum thanks to xylitol. The xylitol gum does not pose any threat to such patients since it won’t lead to increased blood sugar levels. That simply means weight gain is out of the question for those dealing with weight issues. Your only concern should be on watching your dosage of xylitol. That simply means that you should figure out how much xylitol is appropriate for your body and how often your consumption of the gum should be. Usually, adults are advised to maintain 150 to 200 grams in one day and kids should maintain at 45 grams. As far as frequency goes, it would be great to chew at all times during the day. Make sure that your mouth is well supplied by xylitol so that the bacteria have no chance of survival let alone reproducing. It certainly cannot get any better than just chewing gum.