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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Fact and Fiction Erectile dysfunction is a delicate and surprisingly common affliction among men. In the past, it was mainly assumed that only men over about 40 or so suffered from ED. While this is true, it’s often overlooked that men of all ages deal with this problem. With ED affecting 1 in 4 men, it’s an issue that’s getting a lot of coverage lately. According to research, sexual health is one of the top concerns among men. If you go by the messages in your spam folder, you’d think ED is a simple problem that can be cured by any number of amazing pills. Unfortunately, it is a complex condition with a variety of causes and potential treatments. It’s unlikely that you’ll find a quick fix that will solve all your problems with a single purchase. What Are the Causes of ED?
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Erectile dysfunction can be caused by both physical and mental mechanisms. Some of the most common physical causes are excess body fat and diabetes. At its most basic, erectile dysfunction is characterized by the shaft not receiving enough blood when an erection is desired. The reasons for this can be multifaceted, but lack of sufficient blood flow is the basic explanation in any case. There’s a certain threshold beyond which a suitable erection can be sustained; if it isn’t reached, there are likely to be problems with performance.
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Smokers frequently find that they suffer from this condition. If sexual health is important to you and you’re a smoker, quitting should be a high priority — it can even lead to impotence if you don’t stop. The trigger for ED in the case of smoking is constricted blood vessels. While this is not an issue that is deadly or especially dangerous for the sufferer’s body, it can take a mental health toll that shouldn’t be disregarded. If you deal with any of the poor lifestyle factors above, making better choices in that department could improve the quality of your erections. What Treatments Are Available? Beyond the lifestyle issues mentioned above, there are more direct ways of handling ED, including pills and hormone treatment. Pill-Based Treatments Yes, those pills you see on TV commercials. If this style of treatment appeals to you, be sure to see a qualified medical professional rather than attempt to obtain the drugs on your own. Getting advice from a knowledgeable professional is especially important because such pills can sometimes interfere with other conditions or drugs. Treating ED With Hormones Sometimes ED is caused by insufficient levels of a necessary hormone, such as testosterone. When that is the problem, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) could be the solution you need. Dealing with ED is never easy, but there is hope for improving your condition with the right treatment.