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The Benefits of Rhinoplasty The procedure performed by cosmetic surgeons to change or reshape the appearance of a patient’s nose is called Rhinoplasty. The procedure involves altering of the bones and nasal cartilage so that the shape of the nose is improved. This cosmetic procedure is also done on noses that need repair because of fracture or restoring the appearance when the patient has been in an accident that severely damaged the nose. In every Rhinoplasty procedure, an incision is made either inside the nostril’s rim or outside across the skin that separates the nostrils. The surgeon works on the bone and cartilage of the nose so that it is reshaped to make it have a better appearance. The skin is then stitched back when the surgeon has completed the nose reshaping. This is an outpatient procedure which can last for about one to two hours. It is very important for a potential patient to visit a cosmetic surgeon before undergoing the Rhinoplasty procedure so that you can receive advice and all your questions and apprehensions can be answered by the doctor. Potential Rhinoplasty candidates should be at least 14 years old when the nasal structure is also stable and in full shape. Patients who want to undergo Rhinoplasty should be aware of the possibilities that it will involve so that you know what to expect. To be able to achieve the best results for this procedure, the patient should discuss the process, outcome and follow up expectations with the surgeon. Since this is a surgical procedure, it comes with its benefits and risks like infection, bleeding and complications. Your blood vessels can also burst which can leave small scars inside your nose. Or, if there was something amiss during the procedure, a second one might be needed to correct it or remove tissues.
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For most patients, Rhinoplasty recovery can take a few days in which a patient can feel some soreness, swelling and bruising. You eyes may also look black for several days. To lessen this, you simply need to put cold compress around your nasal cavity. Patients who have undergone the procedure have not complained of any pain in the procedure.
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The cost of a Rhinoplasty procedure varies from patient to patient and this depends of several factors depending on the patient’s health and what he/she wants to accomplish. To help patients with financing, doctors offer different payment plans like the long-term with interest plan or the short-term with no interest one. After considering everything and find out that you would like to have this procedure applied to your nose, then you should go to the nearest cosmetic surgeon to discuss the procedures you need to take. The end results of this procedure can be very positive for you because it can really make your appearance better and you will feel better about yourself.