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Guidelines for Steering Clear of Simple Health Problems Everyone is aware of the saying “Health is wealth. ” We hear it very often from our parents, teachers, colleagues, and even from the boss. Despite its repetition around us, we do not pay any heed and attention to it. That is why the sickness in the form of cold, flu and stomach upset is so rampant. By taking some very simple steps you can remain clear of the sickness issues and enjoy good health. Here are some of them. Focus on good nutrition Vitamins in the diet can help boost the body immunity. With the foods that are high in vitamins A, B, C and E, you can strengthen your body. The flavonoids and carotenoids which are a part and parcel of the yellow fruit and oranges toughen your body against disease attacks. You can hike the vitamin intake by taking fruit juices regularly. Instead of sticking to one type of fruit juice you can go in for fruit mix like mango mixed with guava or banana blended with kiwi. The nutrients multiply when you take the blends. Minerals also play a key role in keeping good health. The foods that are a good source of minerals are milk and milk products for calcium, banana and baked potatoes for potassium, red meats for zinc, and cereals and nuts for magnesium.
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Exposure to fresh air and light
Why No One Talks About Wellness Anymore
During winters we have the uncanny habit of getting indoors and avoiding the harsh weather outside. It is desirable to stay warm and take precautions against exposure to the cold conditions. One should definitely stay protected in winters but our body needs some fresh air and light. Even a twenty minute stint in the sun or a walk to the nearby market place can do the trick. The people who follow their work routine by getting up early in the morning and moving outside the house to reach the office or industry are definitely better off. Sleeping is desirable Sleep is good for the health as it gives the much desired rest to the body parts and the toxins get filtered from the organs. Seven hours of sleep for the adults and thirteen hours for the toddlers is something which is highly recommended. The small naps can make you groggy, so it is better to get full duration sleep. Bring down the stress levels Stress and anxiety are a cause of a number of health problems. If you are leading a stressful life or have the habit of inviting anxious moments, then you are inviting the illnesses for yourself. One must do regular moderate exercise or practice yoga in order to keep the mind calm and free of stress.