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How to Keep a Strong Marriage with Couples Counseling Couples counseling is there to help couples when they are experiencing rough patches in their relationship. Counseling is there to help make your relationship and marriage better. Counselors are trained to help you, they will be able to help you more than if you seek advice from you friends, parents or a religious leader. Psychiatrists and counselors use to only speak with an individual and help with their troubles but more recently they have begun to help couples as a whole. Couples counseling started to see a rise during the latter part of the 20th century. What couples are appropriate for counseling? You can participate in counseling at any time pre, during, or post marriage. Pre-marriage counseling is a great resource for young couple, they will learn how to deal with the stress and hardships that all marriage go through. Doing this will teach you the trials and tribulations that marriage has to offer. Divorce in this country has been on the rise for a while; knowing these statistics it is hard to believe that anyone is trying to work out the problems in their relationships. It seems that people are willing to walk away from their marriages. For people out there that that want to fight for their marriage and make their marriage last, counseling is helpful. If you are interested in getting couples counseling you need to be aware that not all therapists are marriage friendly, some are all for divorce.
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Life isn’t fair, sometimes it does not matter how many counselors you see or how many questionnaires you fill out or how much you and your spouse work at it, marriage doesn’t always work. Couples sometimes grow apart and cannot get back together. Time can help a marriage, it can make your love grow stronger or it can tear your relationship apart. One reason people don’t succeed in marriage is because we spend time with other people some much of the time while we are at work. We spend a large part of our days away from the person we wanted to spend the rest of our life with. Pretty soon the person we are married to begins to seem like a stranger and your coworkers are the only people that know and understand you. Many affairs occur because of this.
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If you and your spouse have decided to work on your marriage, you should find a counselor that has personally been through the issues you are dealing with. A counselor that has not been in your place will not be able to give you the best advice. They will not be able to give you personal help, there help will come from a book or what somewhat else has told them.