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A Quick Guide to Diabetic Test Strips Diabetes test strips have made the lives of type 2 diabetics a lot easier. It is indeed a revolutionary product that can provide exact numbers of their blood glucose levels, allowing them to monitor their condition more conveniently while living a normal life. Then again, not all diabetes test strips in the market are created equal. If you plan to buy some, take note of the following: Expiration Date Without a doubt, the first thing you should check when buying glucose test strips is the expiration date. You don’t want them expired or almost expiring. As with the others, you likely have to test several times a day, so buy strips that have at least a few months left. Provide an allowance of six to twelve months.
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Must the box be factory-sealed? Yes, because there are dishonest sellers who will actually change out the strips and, put in expired ones, and keep the new ones to themselves. Old strips can easily pass off as new, so it’s important to actually check. To be totally safe, never accept a box whose seal is broken. Also note that once a tube has been opened, the strips tend to reduce their shelf life as well. Worse, if a tube of strips has been opened and contaminated before you got the product, that could spell danger for you. Again, to eliminate all possibility, just buy a box with an intact factory seal. Effects of the Environment One of the most important thing you should know about diabetes test strips is that they are rather sensitive to the environment. You should store them in a cool, dry place; if they are subjected to heat swings, they can return unreliable test results. Prior to placing an order, be sure the seller will deliver the strips quickly – after two days at the latest. Most certainly, if the strips are placed in a hot warehouse or truck before or during shipment, they will no longer be useful. Glucose Meter Compatibility Of course, make sure the test strips you buy will actually fit into your glucose monitor or you clearly won’t be able to use them. Choose a seller who provides information on which test strips work with which machines. Don’t think that because a test strip and a monitor are of the same brand, they necessarily go together. Some test strips come in different-colored boxes, and that may or may not mean something. Even if the colors look like they stand for something, just talk to the seller so you can be absolutely sure. Good suppliers will always be eager to help, so if the one you’re thinking of buying from isn’t, you really should start looking somewhere else.