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How to Take Care of Your Eyes Naturally 1. Get enough rest. Bear in mind that eyes is the most utilized part of our bodies. Do you have migraines when you drive during wee hours and you see all these bright lights coming from cars that you encounter in the road? Many of us go through this. Studies have shown that if your eyes are well-rested, then lesser the chances are you will get migraines. And because of this, we can say that rest is one of the most vital things we can do so as to take care of our eyes. 2. Proper diet.
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Having a healthy and balanced diet, you can certainly have healthy eyes. This type of foods are just abundant in beta carotene. Mangoes, spinach, squash and papaya are just few of the many healthy foods that have a flourishing supply of beta carotene. These forms of foods are able to assist in enhancing and maintaining your good eye sight.
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3. Drink plenty of water. The skin surrounding our eyes is very slim and below it are just a lot of blood vessels. And drinking tons of water will prevent your eyes from getting puffy. Do you have any idea why our eyes get puffy sometimes? It is because of the defense mechanism our body sets up every time there is a little supply of water left in us resulting to puffiness. And with this, it is best that we consume at least 8 glasses of water or more to detoxify our bodies. 4. Exercises for the eyes. There are also exercises particular for the eyes. Exercising will assist our eyes in acquiring huge amount of oxygen, as a result, assisting them to function more efficiently. And a lot of individuals consider this exercise relaxing. While you are in school or even in the office you can do this eye exercise by closing your eyes for thirty seconds and then turning your eyeballs. And you can surely move your eyeballs up and down, then left to right, depending on your preferences. And for you not to have a blurriness of vision you can try holding a pencil or pen at arm length and then stare at it while you move it close to your nose. Make sure to stare at the pencil. 5. Don’t rub your eyes excessively. The human eyes is one of the most delicate parts of the human body. And not rubbing them excessively is actually a form of handling our eyes well. This will only irritate your eyes. So the best thing you can do is to blink them a couple of times. And if a foreign body is residing in your eyes, you can eradicate them by simply washing your eyes with milk or clean or sterile water. Milk is considered as a natural cleanser and it will not cause irritation to your eyes.