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Great Information Required When Starting Potty Training Using the potty is always a new experience for every child. Letting them to gradually get used to the idea is usually a brilliant idea. For boys, it is normally easier to have them start by sitting so that later on they can switch to standing up. Parents should also make sure that when they are changing their kids’ nappies they also talk about it so that the kid can start to understand what a wet nappy is, and what it means to poo and to wee. For instance, if you always go to the bathroom to change your kids nappy, they will learn that the bathroom is the place where people visit the loo. To encourage the habit of washing hands and flushing the toilet, you should start by helping your child do it. Always make sure that you explain what the potty is used for, and leave it at a place the child can see it. Since children learn best with what they watch and see, this is the best approach to use. In case you have an older child in the house, the younger one will have an easier time using the potty as he or she learns from the older one.
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You should place the potty in your bathroom, and if it is upstairs, putting another potty downstairs can be convenient for the child anytime they want to use it. It is advisable that you encourage your child to use the potty after he or she has taken his meal as there is usually a greater urge to do a poo as the food is digesting.
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You can also hand your child a book or a toy to play with as it can help them sit still while on the potty. Once you realize that your child has a particular time pattern of doing a poo, it is time to leave the nappy off. You should observe the reaction your child has to the potty, and if you notice that they dislike it, you should just put their nappy back and try it again some weeks later. Using the potty to wee can help boost your kid’s confidence when they get ready to use it in doing a poo. After you notice that your child is now aware when they are about to pee, it is time to introduce the potty to them. In case your child slips up, you should just mop it up as it takes some time for them to get a hang of it. When your child succeeds, he or she will be very delighted, so play your part and put your child in clothes that can easily be changed.