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Career Opportunities for Those Interested in Aged Care The role played by aged care workers is one that is often overlooked by most people. What most people do not know is that the care givers add a significant amount of value to the elderly person’s life. Joining this workforce requires some special type of qualities in addition to taking an aged care course. In this article, we shall be looking more into the career opportunities one can get if he/she qualifies. Before going into the career opportunities we should probably start by elaborating on the desired qualities, requirements, and qualifications. Your certificate III in aged care is the only requirement you might be asked for before being queried on qualification documents like a renewed driver’s license, updated police clearance, whether or not you can perform first aid and CPR, and lastly if you have any experience. The qualities are patience, understanding, respectful, supportive, responsible, accommodating and caring attitude. Personal care assistants (PCA)
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The first career opportunity is that of a personal care assistant. This work mostly entails making the elderly comfortable. You have to look after them in a compassionate and considerate manner while providing a much needed company. That may involve ensuring their hygiene is good, they take their medication, and exercise.
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Assistant in Nursing (AIN) As an assistant in nursing, you will be part of the nursing team assigned to take care of the elderly. You will be part of their team which means you should be able to perform all their duties and ask for assistance whenever there is some sort of uncertainty. Home care assistant There are those elderly people who prefer being watched over at their homes rather than go to nursing home facility. These ones usually get a home care assistant assigned to them. His work is basically the same as the other care givers only in a different setting. In this case, it is only the environment that changes but his work is just cut out like the rest. Depending on how much work will be available, the home care assistant may become a part time or live in. Community support worker The latest career opportunity is that of the community support worker. What he does is try to integrate the elderly people with other members of the community. This is achieved through the help of family members and the caregivers. It is all aimed towards developing an active network and contact of the elderly so that they maintain their place in the community. Apart from the paid workforce, volunteers also play an invaluable role in caring for the elderly. These ones usually assist the caregivers by conducting social visits, and taking the elderly for medical and other appointments.