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The Difference Between Pediatric Dentists And Family Dentists Some of the dentists restrict their practice to a specific age group however, those who are in family dentistry practice don’t. Instead, they work with people of all ages to be able to help in general maintenance of healthy teeth, gums as well as overall oral hygiene. You may be wondering which one is best whether to go for a pediatric dentist or a general dentist if you have a child. Many people are considering family dentistry as their first line of defense towards dental abnormalities. These said practices serve as starting point for checkups every 6 months, providing deep cleanings in an effort to eliminate buildup. Aside from inspecting your mouth, the dentist will be performing x-rays to be able to determine if there buildup of cavities or any other problems. Professionals in this field must earn their undergraduate degree that is often in field of science although this is actually not required but they should pass the dental admission test. After that, the student has to endure another 3 to 5 years of study at a dental school. All students should pass National Board Dental Examination to get their license before their graduation. That’s the time when students can graduate with a Doctor of Dental Medicine or Doctor of Dental Surgery.
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General dentists can also attend to children of all ages as well as adults. This is actually great for households who would like to keep their children going to same professional as they grow. What’s more, it becomes much easier for parents to make time in visiting the doctor to care for their oral health. Children on the other hand are sometimes requiring special needs as they grow. Doctors who have training in family dentistry thoroughly know and understand these needs. They have the ability of treating cavities, loose teeth and prevent dental problems with fluoride.
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In the event that your children have some special needs, then your dental office might be referring you to a pediatric dentist. These dental practitioners have additional post graduate training. In case that your child has a hard time at the dentist or very small, then bringing them to a pediatric dentist will be the right thing to do. The difference of these types of dentists from general and family dentistry is the fact that they have taken additional years of education and special training to care and treat oral health problems that children experience. With this being said, they are more aware and knowledgeable of the right things that have to be done and procedures to be applied to guarantee that the oral health of their small patients are met.