Many Electra Residents Work in the San Diego Business District

Ever wonder why San Diego’s Electra condominium filled up so quickly? There are many reasons, but one important one is its proximity to the downtown business district. Many condo owners in the Columbia neighborhood walk to work or take public transportation. Imagine the freedom of not having to drive a car to work every morning and then driving home again in the evening. This is a terrific amenity that saves time and money. Let’s meet a few of our savvy neighbors.

Peter M., 5th Floor: Peter runs a Pilates studio just a few blocks from the Electra. This is Peter’s second career. He was a computer programmer for many years, but like so many others, got burned out by the intensity of the work. He went prematurely bald, was drinking too much and had chronic back problems. One day, after he used a negative number in a program that required a positive one, he decided to explore his options. He got interested in Pilates to help his back, and then became an instructor. When the right property came along, Peter pounced on it, set up a studio, and the rest is history.

Carole S., 12th Floor: Carole sells leads to businessmen across the country. She works for a sales leads company headquartered in New York. She is one of their top producers, but got tired of the lifestyle. She lived in Westchester and the daily drive took three hours out of her life. So she negotiated a deal to open a West Coast office in San Diego, and her company readily agreed. Now she works out of her apartment on the 12th floor, and her non-work time is occupied with pursuits more interesting than commuting. As soon as she moved in, she shared her interior decorating ideas with a local boutique that quickly made her place look fabulous – Carole is very happy.

Danny F., 19th Floor: For years, Danny worked in the fish business, following after his father in the family business. But Danny always wanted to be a dancer, and he knew time was running out. He had been classically trained, but always as a hobby – he never imagined he could dance professionally. After his father died, Danny sold the business and, with some of the proceeds, bought his apartment in the Electra. Now Danny dances for the San Diego Ballet, and thanks his lucky stars he made the change when he could.

The Electra is filled with interesting people doing interesting things. If a unit opens up, maybe you’d like to join them?