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The Facts on Chinese Ointment One of the best kinds of ointments in the world is he Chinese ointment and the reason for this is because there are so many purposes that you will be able to use this ointment for, it is simply amazing when you think about it. Even though there are a lot of uses for this ointment it is actually quite simply because the ingredients is just some crucial oil, wax, and then oil again. What is a Chinese Ointment Exactly? Chinese ointment is homogeneous and it is usually think, greasy, and has a large amount of viscosity. Ointment is usually used for pain in the muscles however it can also be used for a wide range of different purposes as well. Chinese Ointment: Information on Consistency Because people live all over the world it is important that the Chinese ointment will be able to work in any kind of climate and because of that it is common for oils to be added to the ointment to help it be effective in different kinds of climates such as the cold or the hot. Depending on the viscosity of the ointment and the purpose it is used for different kinds of oils can be added to the Chinese ointment to make it different and more effective. The viscosity of the oil will also be effected by the age of the person as well because it is common for Chinese ointment that is meant for children to have less viscous than ointment that is made for adults.
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Chinese Ointment: The Properties
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1. The first property that is in Chinese ointment is some hydrocarbon bases such as soft paraffin or even hard paraffin and this can be considered to be a product of petroleum as well. 2. Absorption bases is then used in the Chinese ointment and it can either be one of two different kinds of ingredients which include wool fat and the other ingredient is beeswax. When you are looking for a good ointment it would be a good idea to look for something that uses beeswax because this is completely natural product and it also cleaner too which is why it is so much better than wools fat. When you are out looking for beeswax there are three ways you will be able to get it which will include bleached wax, unrefined, and you will also be able to get it in it’s natural form as well. The beekeeper can also give you beeswax directly which is usually the best way to go because this is when it is in its cleanest and most natural form. 3. The third property of Chinese ointment is a water soluble base that is synthetic. 4. There are a lot of different kinds of bases that you will need to take into account because you will need to get an emulsifying base and usually beeswax is used but you will also be able to use emu oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and also carnauba wax too. And that is all of the information you will need to know about Chinese ointment.