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Cosmetic Surgery: What to Look for in Your Surgeon Reconstructive and elective are the two common purposes of cosmetic surgery. You have to choose a good surgeon to perform the procedure correctly and effectively to get desired results when you find yourself wanting or having to undergo cosmetic surgery. Make sure to check if your plastic surgeon is indeed qualified. Proper qualifications, prior experience, and certification in the field are some of the things you need to look for. Any type of surgeon, even if they are not specialized in the field, can perform reconstructive and plastic surgery. Due to the surge in the popularity and profitability of cosmetic surgery, there are a lot of clinics put up by surgeons without or with minimal qualification since they make a lot of money out of it. Thus, it is imperative that you check if your surgeon is indeed qualified to make sure that he can perform the surgery safely. For starters, your surgeon needs to have completed his or her degree from a reputable and recognized academic institution. See if your surgeon has a license in plastic surgery and not just surgery in general since these two are not the same thing. In order to be granted a license on plastic surgery, your surgeon must have undergone hands on training, residency, and specific training on plastic surgery. Moreover, there are also cases where a surgeon can specialize exclusively in either reconstructive or plastic surgery. This is a great indication that a surgeon is highly qualified.
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If a plastic surgeon is licensed, that would mean that he or she has met the basic qualifications. If you are looking for something more than the basics, you may want to see if your surgeon is certified by American Board of Plastic Surgery or ASPS. To become a member or be certified by the board of plastic surgery, the surgeon must have undergone a minimum of six years of training and an experience in a training institution apart from at least three years of professional experience. Members of the ASPS are also expected to follow a certain set of ethical and professional standards. It is a reassuring thing to find a surgeon certified by the board of plastic surgery as they are up to date on the latest practices and procedures in the medical industry.
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A certification from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons or ASAPS is another thing you can look for in a surgeon. ASAPS is recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Make sure to also inquire about your surgeon’s past experiences. Any qualified surgeon would be happy to address all of your questions. If you’re looking for a qualified surgeon in Baltimore, you can come to us and schedule a free consultation.