Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Orthodontics? This May Help

Orthodontics for a Better Smile Suffering from misaligned teeth is a problem of a lot of people today. If there is to be improvement in oral health, facial structure, and the position of teeth, then there is need for braces to fix this problem. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry the deals with correcting misalignment problems. Usually, people with dental misalignment also suffer from feelings of being unattractive and self-consciousness. Having misaligned teeth also leads to other problems like periodontal diseases and tooth decay because it becomes difficult to brush the teeth. It is difficult to chew when your jaws are misaligned. Other problems caused by jaw misalignment are headaches, shoulder and neck pain, and TMJ syndrome. If a person has TMJ syndrome, then he can experience pain in chewing, face swelling, and nerve inflammation. People who have a faulty bit can find a solution in Orthodontics. This can be due to crowding, a misaligned jaw, or fewer teeth than the standard number. This condition can also be due to accidents. Thumb sucking can cause this as well as losing your baby teeth earlier than usual.
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There are varied ways by which an orthodontist can fix misaligned teeth. Some of the items that are used by orthodontists are removable and some are fixed in the mouth. These tools or devices used by orthodontists serve different purposes which include changing the growth pattern of the jaws, moving teeth, and muscle re-training. When the devices apply pressure to the mouth and the jaw, they are slowly being shifted into the correct position.
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The most typical of these fixed things used by the orthodontist are braces. Each tooth will have a bracket or a band affixed to the tooth or around the tooth. When brackets or bands are affixed to the teeth, they are connected using wires. To move the tooth into the right position, the wires are tightened to apply tension. A once a month brace adjustment is part of the treatment plan. A palatal expander is also used which may or may not be removable. This plastic plate is placed on the mouth’s roof and a screw on the expander turns to force the palate to expand. Another device used are retainers, which are also placed on the mouth’s roof. The purpose of retainers is to prevent the teeth from misaligning again after the braces are removed. Orthodontists can also used headgears which are worn outside the mouth. A strap is placed around the back of the head with a meal wire connecting to bands inside the mouth. This device will slow down the growth of the jaw and the position of the back teeth will be maintained. This treatment is for the purpose of moving the front teeth. It is mostly children that undergo the above treatments. There are also dental issues that adults have that can receive orthodontic treatment.