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How to Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Good Cash The diabetes test strips selling business is becoming more and more popular. You can easily notice the many signs you come across the road with a phone number to call them if you are interested in making good cash of your diabetes strips. Considering someone with diabetes has to test their blood sugar levels several times a day it can be very expensive. The diabetes test strips is legal, there is no law against it unless they were bought through Medicare or Medicaid. It is no wonder you come across several road signs with phone numbers to call in case you are selling your strips. You may have some extra diabetic test strips you don’t need which will be good to sell them to help those who can’t afford their retail prices. It is always a way you can make some money from them. Below is a guide to selling them for a good amount. Usually you would find those interested in buying the diabetes strips from you advertising on road signs with a phone number indicated for you to contact them. This method is not always convenient, plus it is hard to ascertain who you are dealing with. Nowadays there are quite a number of online diabetes test strips buyers you get find over the internet. The important thing to do first is to make sure you completely trust the one you are dealing with. Check out their profiles and what other people who might have transacted with them are saying through their reviews.
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Usually the site will prompt you to give details of the diabetes test strips you want to sell. This includes things like the diabetes test strips brand, the days before expiration and whether the box is opened or unopened. This then will be used to give you an offer as to the amount they you will get paid. Others indicate their rates for the different brands and expiration dates. Lastly, they also provide a shipping label or a mailing kit for you to ship them.
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The trick here is not to be in a hurry to take the offer of the first buyer you come across, weigh your options and check out different offers and pick the most favorable one. An opened strip goes for slightly less or sometimes they don’t even accept them, so it is better you don’t open your extra boxes of diabetes test strips. The next step is to wait for your cash which will take between two to three days after sending the package.