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Being Happy With or Without Friends The things that we do in our lives are done because of our search for happiness. We go to work because we need to earn money so that we can buy our needs and wants thus resulting for us to be happy. We marry our spouses because they make us happy and living with them makes us happy. When we go unwind by meeting up with our friends or taking vacations or holidays, we do that because we want to relax and be happy. Happiness is not limited to being with your friends because you can still be happy even if you are alone. But if so, then why some of the people are still unhappy? Why are we still after a coveted happiness? When we feel like our work is not enough to fulfill our happiness, we go and look for answers on how to achieve happiness in personal relationships. But sometimes, time was not on our side so we never had chance to go on vacation or even contact our friends and we lose our connection with them. Happiness then just becomes an idea and something that could never be achieved. We turn to books on tips on how to be happy or even attend seminars about it. Some say that God placed happiness happiness inside us but humans as we are, we fail to go deeper within ourselves and find it. But truthfully, if you choose to be happy, then you will be happy. You can be happy being alone and with your friends. A lot of people becomes very sad whenever they are all alone because they are actually scared of being alone. Being alone and being lonely are two very different states and so for us to achieve happiness even though alone, we must learn the difference of the two first.Sometimes, real happiness is brought out by simple things in our daily life such a good cup of coffee and a good book to read. Real happiness can be found if you learn to be contented with yourself and with what you have. The unending search for more and many expectations in life make it difficult to be at peace. Let us remember that every day, God gives us infinite reasons to be happy. We just have to look deep withing ourselves. Hidden beneath the ordinary and small things that happen in your life is the real happiness but we sometimes miss it because all we notice are the things that make us feel miserable. Go and notice some flowers. Do not fret over things that you do not have but instead learn to appreciate what you have. Pray and be thankful for all the blessings the Lord God has given you. Last but not the least, whatever you do, it should be something you love. When you find happiness whenever you look in the mirror and reflect deeply inside, that is the time you already found the real happiness that is already in you.Learning The “Secrets” of Help

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