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Things to Understand About Urgent Care Scheduling an appointment with the doctor can be difficult when you have experienced an injury or an unexpected illness. Getting a same-day appointment for a non-urgent situation is out of the question. Because of this, the emergency rooms are usually filled with patients who don’t have those true emergencies but they are just needing relief from acute conditions, sinus infections and the like. Heading to the emergency room to be diagnosed and treated is not just expensive but this also means that people with more serious conditions will have to wait longer than needed for them to be seen by the ER staff. There are some of those who would not think twice about heading to the ER to be treated for a sudden illness. But, you must not go to the ER because of every pain that you have. The injuries and illnesses being treated in the ER would include conditions that are fatal as well as those that require urgent care so that disability or permanent damage is prevented. For example, if one is suffering from chest pain or has difficulty breathing, then one must seek immediate medical attention. As a matter of fact, there are lots of reasons for you to phone 911. There are other conditions that demand urgent attention like slurred speech, numbness, blurred vision, muscle weakness and other stroke symptoms. Other situations that need assessment and treatment by the ER doctors and staff are bleeding that doesn’t stop, high fever in children and head trauma. Those victims of gunshots also need emergency treatment.
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Urgent care should be one of the priorities in your list of medical resources if you need treatment for non-life threatening conditions. Doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals can order x-rays and other tests to diagnose the problem and give the right treatment. The centers can address different types of medical issues which include fractures, sprains and those minor asthma attacks. Those cuts which continually bleed should be sutured while flu and sore throat must be treated. The patients who go to the urgent facilities are provided with the treatment they need within one to two hours and they must see a primary care physician if there is further treatment needed for the condition. When the doctor sees the condition to be serious, then the patient should go to the hospital ER.
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The urgent care centers really play a very important role in offering affordable as well as accessible health services to the patients. The centers are offering more than just treatment for those acute conditions since patients can also get vaccinations and physicals. You can expect that the facilities offering urgent care provide services outside the regular business hours and there are those that operate 24 hours a day.