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Basic Tips When Buying Wigs Buying a wig depends personally to the person who is buying one. These wigs have become more popular today than before whether it’s about changing hairstyle overnight without altering natural hair drastically or to cover the thinning of hair. In the event that you are planning to buy wigs and it happens that this is your first time, I have compiled several useful info that will make the entire process a lot easier and that would help you come up with smart decision. Yes it is true that wigs look completely different from each other however, it only comes down to 2 different types; those that are made from real human hair and the other is the ones made using synthetic fibres. Wigs that are made using real human hair are simple as that. Wig manufacturing companies are using real human hair and converting them to different styles. This type of hair looks so natural and they blend very well with the client’s own hair. Natural wigs however are more expensive depending on the kind of treatment that is given to the hair. With this in mind, it is important that users take care of these wigs as if they’re taking of their own hair.
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As you are shopping for natural wigs, you will probably come across with terms like Virgin Hair or Remy Hair. These types of wigs are made by using unprocessed human hair. What this mean is that, in addition to washing and cleaning hair strands, the hair cuticle remains attached to the strands. This has made the hair to last longer compared to synthetic or treated ones.
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On the other hand, synthetic wigs are made either using acrylic or nylon. They tend to be more affordable compared to natural wigs because they’re made from synthetic fibres. The fact that it can hold the colour and shape while requiring less maintenance too are other supporting reasons to why these kinds of wigs have gained high saleability among masses of people. However, the fibres used in synthetic wigs are vulnerable to heat so it has this possibility to melt when it comes contact with excessive heat, which is something that every user has to take into account when using one. Now that you know the difference between synthetic and natural hair wigs, the next thing you have to determine when buying one is your budget. Go for natural wigs if you would like to wear wigs that looks so natural and is something that you can afford however, if you are short on budget, there is always the synthetic options that can still get the job done.