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4 Common Health Issues You Can Easily Deal With Almost every single day, we are encountering various common health issues that are requiring medical attention. On the other hand, that doesn’t indicate that we have to run always to the hospital for minor injuries that we could deal with ourselves. Not just the fact that it can save us much effort and time but also, it can help in saving money from what we have to pay for the healthcare professionals who is about to offer their service. There is something that you can do when dealing with simple health issues so always keep that in mind. Below, I have listed simple cures for these typical health issues. Number 1. Rashes – there are many triggers that can result to itchy rashes similar to perfumes, heat, plant oils and many more. If you have some, you can always take antihistamine. It can almost instantly reduce the itchiness and inflammation. On the other hand, if there is none, you can just splash the affected site with mineral water. With this, it’ll soothe the skin in no time, which will relieve the pain and itch cause by the rashes.
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Number 2. Acne – for those who would like to have a blemish-free and clear face, this may seem to be the number issue that many people are dealing with. You are basically seeing lots of ads on your smart phones, TV and so forth to how you will have radiant skin but the thing is, not everything works.
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There are instances that those products could also make your acne be worse. Whenever possible, make use of natural treatment methods only. As for those with persistent acne, scrub your face gently with few drops of neem oil and coarse salt. The salt is going to act like an antiseptic while oils work like an antifungal. After rinsing your face, apply a plain yogurt as mask and leave it there for 15 to 30 minutes. Number 3. Minor burns – you could have burns from different sources and one of the most common is thermal burns. This could be acquired from sunburns or even by just touching a hot object. And for cases of scalding from hot object, make sure to immediately rinse the area affected with a cool running water. This is essential to be able to prevent burning of underlying structures that is beneath the skin. Once you have done that, treat the burn using cold compress of green or black tea. Number 4. Diarrhea – anyone can be in an uncomfortable situation by having loose bowel movement. But just create a concoction of pomegranate tea to relieve your hyperactive bowel.