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Guidelines about MDMA Harm Reduction One of the most essential things that you should take into consideration when you are going to take drugs of any sorts if to be knowledgeable about their possible risks as well as complications and to use these details in order to make your usage as safe and as answerable as possible. Unfortunately, much of the things that have been taught to us about drugs from schools or even from public education campaigns are founded on fear or in support of self-restraint rather than education as well as harm reduction, lessening the accessibility of factual details about drugs. So with this article, you will be able to know and understand some few of the most vital harm lessening information when using MDMA. At the present time, a lot of college and other university students take advantage of this drug. We are all aware of the therapeutic effects we can obtain from this drug, however, it is important that we talk about the risks as well. 1. Examination. One of the major problems in discussing about MDMA utilization is that, in most cases, people are not aware of the fact that what they are taking is actually MDMA. For instance, it is not typical for methylone or even MDA to be traded MDMA or for other instigators to be amalgamated with it. And this is one of the important things that makes buying of drugs from just a random person during an event and taking it that night unsafe since you have no chance to verify what you have just purchased.
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For this reason, it is advisable that you purchase a testing kit that will help you confirm the identity of the product you just bought. This is actually a collection of a wide array of solvents that can be dropped onto a tiny sample and the resultant color change will aid you to know the kind of substance. These kits can be purchased from a harm reduction organization which is composed of affiliates of the community of electronic music.
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2. First time. So before you take a full dose for the first time, the experts recommended that you take in a quarter dose first about 20 to 30 mg which is also called as allergy test. The reason behind this is that a part of the population lack a certain liver enzyme that functions to process the MDMA as well as other form of drugs. And this is termed as fatty liver disease and is often not diagnosed. The weakened metabolism would result to a far stronger and longer effects at dosages that are normal for other people and the possibility of overdose as well as overheating is escalated.