Sharing Your Fishing Spot With Your Best Friend

I work in construction and spend many hours at a time high above the city getting gritty.  I’ve worked on steel frames in temperatures well over 100 degrees, pushing every minute to stay on schedule.  When you’re on a tight deadline there’s no time to dawdle or you lose your job.  So when a holiday comes around, I can’t wait to get out on a lake, way out where the fish are biting, the air is clean, and the beer is cold.  It helps me to clear my mind and relax to the sounds of nature.  I can sit for hours listening to the birds and learned from my Dad to identify many of them.  At times the lakes is so still it’s as smooth as glass.  These are the moments I cherish and I take great pains to prepare for them.  It’s better than any man cave I could build in a basement.  And it much better for my health.

I’m never lonely because the memories I have of fishing with my father and grandfather are so vivid it’s like I’m reliving my childhood summers at the family farm.  I still use the rod I inherited from my grandfather.  It’s made by a company called Orvis and it’s one of the finest I’ve ever used.  They’ve been in the business for over 150 years and continue the tradition of high quality merchandise that was the guiding principle when the company was founded.  They take immense pride in the building of their products and they really are built to last. The rod I’m using now was probably made back in the 1950’s when my family first bought the house by the lake.  I like that it was made in America.  By hard working men and women like me.

My wife shopped Groupon and found some deals on Orvis merchandise for the whole family.  It’s stylish enough to wear every day and with the Groupon she saved 30% off the price and got free shipping. She checks the site from time to time and takes advantage of deals that might save 60% for that day only, and she get alerts when merchandise goes on sale.  I’m going to surprise her and buy her fly fishing lessons from Orvis so she can join me the next time I come up here.  This might be my favorite man cave, but she’s my best friend.