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Vision Therapy: The Solution to Eye Conditions Not very many people have heard of vision therapy. It is almost like a hidden secret. People are beginning to see that vision therapy is something that can solve eye conditions. It works in a way that the makes the brain retain how it processes visual imagery. To achieve permanents results, different methods are being used in this therapy. Vision impairing eye conditions have been treated by vision therapy. Here are some ways by which vision therapy can treat different eye conditions. For people who have sustained head injuries in accidents may be able to recover physical but they usually experience having blurred or double vision. Restoring the blurred or double vision to a normal eyesight can be achieved through vision therapy. Athletes are constantly reminded to keep their eyes on the ball. However, many athletes are not able to do so, even those world-class ones, to remain competitive. Vision therapy can help them do this. In one research it showed how tennis professions became quicker to respond to an incoming ball after undergoing vision therapy. The improvement in the tennis player’s vision have made them able to see the ball from the opponent’s court instead of just when it is entering their court.
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When a person has good vision, it helps in giving him good balance. Vision provides the brain with the necessary information to achieve balance because it knows the position of the body. A group of male and female students were tested on the effects of vision therapy on balance, and before the therapy was started, they were given balance tests first. Improvement of depth perception, peripheral vision, reaction time, and spatial judgment was the aim of the vision training. After their training, they were tested again for balance, and they got better results. There was a significant improvement on their sense of balance.
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If a person has cosmetic problems, that is, funny looking eyes, it can be the cause of difficulty in reading and close-focus work. The results of this can be blindness or weak eyes. Many individuals have this condition. This is also common among young school children. When exposed to vision therapy, improvements were seen in these conditions and the product were substantial and long-lasting. Children diagnosed with dyslexia do not really have them. What people judge as dyslexia may just be a vision problem that prevents the child from learning properly in school. There is hope for this children using vision therapy. They should be treated by a behavioral optometrist. Dyslexic children were experimented upon using vision therapy and the result was an amazing change in the children, now improving in their reading abilities. With vision therapy, whatever condition you eyes are experiencing at the present, can be correct with long-lasting results.