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Understanding the ADHD Condition Better and Knowing the Symptoms There have been new disorders and diseases found recently which have affected the community and one of the more common diagnoses that have been found in children recently is the disorder called ADHD or called as Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder as well. Children with Attention-deficit Hyperactivity Disorder will generally have problems not only with their daily endeavors but also affects their lives in general since how their body functions is very different from a normal child. To sum up, a child with ADHD disorder is basically distracted frequently by impulsiveness and hyperactivity, thus, keeping them from having to finish a task easily, one good example of which is their homework. According to studies and statistics, there are about 4 to 12% of children in experience ADHD conditions where males are about three times more prone to such disorder than girls. Although there is no definite answer to the question on what causes the ADHD disorder, studies have made great achievements and found several key factors that might possibly cause the disorder and they will be discussed further below.
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One proven fact about ADHD patients is that it is not just about the upbringing of the child that develops such disorder because they are found to be genetically transferred, where, the brain is unable to process such chemical messengers normally. Since the brain shows inactivity to transmit such neurotransmitters, a huge part of the brain will display low levels of activities and this is the reason why children displays such behavior.
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It is found that the disorder is hereditary since a lot of parents are diagnosed with such disease at the same time when their children are diagnosed as well. Aside from genetics, there are also other factors that are found to cause the disorder, some of which is the environmental pollutants and head trauma, but are found to be really rare cases. It is found that generally, a child with ADHD lacks social skills because they lack attention, show signs of impulsiveness and are hyperactive. These children are usually found to interrupt others conversation, found to be in constant motion that they can’t just sit and don’t do anything at all because they get easily distracted with even the slightest of things. Learning these signs will give parents the hint and opportunity to take actions right away to have their child’s condition treated because if this is left untreated, then their lives will be affected in general, not only at school. Children who are affected by the ADHD disorder does not show such symptoms when they are born until they grow enough for them to display such symptoms stated above.